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Johnny Cooper / Bio


"an evocative blend of soul, blues, rock and pop..."



Annoying, right? BACK SEAT DRIVERS! The experts on everything that you “should” have done… “turned back there, gotten in the left lane, taken that other exit,” and the always flabbergasting retort…“Well, I wouldn’t have done that!” GRRRRRRRR! These boys are just too big to say “sit down and shut up” but never too big to have their feelings hurt. So, WHADDAYADO? Just grin and bear it, understanding that between the three of them, they most likely have…been there, done that?

Allsup, McClure & Cooper…sounds like an accounting firm? Say INCOME TAX though, and see how quickly they disappear…ha! They’re musicians. Really?...no way, but…WAY! There’s some serious pedigree here that deserves further investigation.

McCLURE sprouted up from that red dirt mud, Stillwater “Yellow House” vibe that no one has yet to define and punched the validation ticket for the band THE GREAT DIVIDE, whose originals were putting butts in seats inside bars, BBQ joints and after-rodeo dances throughout Texas and Oklahoma throughout the ‘90’s. Yes, even while playing songs they wrote themselves!

“Who…Great Divide? Don’t play no HANK or HAGGARD (prayer/salute)…but they’re good people!”

ALLSUP cut his teeth in Arkansas before he realized that he had a Grammy-winning dad to show him the ropes…who had already blazed both a 50’s rock band & 50’s country band trail.

“Here ‘ya go, son…the path?” …Tommy Allsup - Buddy Holley and the Crickets & the Texas Playboys.

COOPER (who many would say has yet to cut his teeth) already has 10 road years to his credit playing concerts, honky tonks and outdoor gatherings of…how many people constitute a gathering?

“Really?…I wrote Texas To You when I was 15? Want to hear some of my new stuff?”

Anyway, between the three men stands a body of work that encompasses over thirty CD’s and fifty years of experience…ok, some of them dog years! By now, McCLURE may have produced as many CD’s as he has composed and ALLSUP & COOPER have potential that has only begun to be tapped.


Take a deep breath, clear your mind, prepare for “unconventional,” expect the unexpected and hang onto your seat…here comes some great road stories, some Butt Rockin gee-tar, some R&B boogie, a little Southern-Fried Funk and plenty of lyric-provoking Heartland Americana from 3 guys who can talk the talk and walk the walk…all are angry, happy, sad, mad, loving, passionate, funny and bonified… BACK SEAT DRIVERS!


Ah, yes…the classic philosophical argument that has plagued brew & frat houses since the beginning of time…FREE BEER TOMORROW! Is it false advertising? Does tomorrow really come or is it just a floating aberration beyond our reach? Why are we even having this discussion right now if we know that there is any chance that there could be free beer tomorrow?

After much contemplation, Johnny Cooper has martialed his resources (van/guitar/undies/change jar) and is ready for a relentless pursuit of this burning question, willing to risk whatever it takes to reach the inevitable conclusion that may or may not resolve this timeless argument?

Taking up the entertainer’s torch at age 15, Johnny has graced hundreds of stages at festivals, concerts, nightclubs and special events throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas traveling as far north as NYC, east to Atlanta, central to Chicago and west to Denver and LA. Touring with a variety of entertainment packages to include a 10-piece horn band with back-up vocalists, 5 musicians, a power trio, a power duo and acoustic solo, he has matured into a seasoned vocalist, performer and musician. Fast forward ten years and five CD’s later and for this particular tour, Johnny is back to one voice & one guitar…up close and personal.

Ready and able to sojourn to a venue in your area, Johnny is armed with an arsenal of original compositions spiced with familiar classics. Expect a virtual étoufféé of musical flavorings. You bring the crawfish and Johnny will steam the rice. Waiting in un-tapped kegs or hermetically sealed containers are carefully selected hops, grains and yeasts brewed to their highest liquid potential at each and every location!

Already empowered with the first-hand knowledge that “attempting” to drink all of the beer at any one stop does not provide the answers, Johnny’s SOLO ACOUSTIC TOUR is dedicated to a resolution or acceptance of this never-ending phenomenon.

The simple fact of the matter is that (as promised) there will be…FREE BEER MAÑANA!

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Joe Cortez IV, Jay Sandford, Cris Brenham, Matt Puckett
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Johnny Cooper
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Rock / Indie / Funk

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Wichita Falls, TX
Jerry Payne