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Daniel Rady / Bio

Daniel Rady has always had a ear for and loved music. He started by working with a friends rock band by helping promote them for a few years. Dan then decided it was time to start his own thing. He never wanted to be in a band nor did he feel like trying to start one so he turned to his keyboard which is his band. Rady works with very simple and cheap software.

"Rady has five songs done so far. The strange but poppy "Zombie Woman" which was his first song. Next came two instrumentals "The Earth's Dance" and "The Falcon Flies" the former having a dance techno sound to it. Both of these songs are performed live with Rady at his keyboard while all the other songs carry a photo image of Rady that play throughout the song. Next came the bluesy/pop sounding "Cadillac Swagger" and his most recent song the heavy hitting "Bitch Express". Rady did revamp and re-issue his first song Zombie Woman with enhanced vocals and new riffs. Dan Rady's music sounds as good as can be expected from someone producing and recording with just his Yamaha keyboard in his apartment. His work has appeared on several sites including Frequency.com and The Columbus Dispatch"
-- Daniel Rady's Wikipedia page

His music influences are all over the board but basically in tune with the 70's and 80's progressive/pop/rock style music. He is in the process of making his first album which will be titled "In Charge Of Nothing" in which he plans on having 7 or 8 tracks on it including the songs on this page. His music has been heard in plenty of places on the web and of course on his Youtube and Twitter pages. Speaking of Twitter, Rady has a few semi-famous people following his work there as well.

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Daniel Rady
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Pop / Progressive rock

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Cleveland, OH