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Neil Jackson, comes from a musical background, although he didn't learn to play an instrument until he was 15. His parents had given him a guitar for Christmas that was gathering dust until he was grounded for skipping school and forced to stay in his room. With no television, video games, or telephone, Neil resorted to the forgotten guitar and taught himself how to play. His father showed him a few chords, but he mainly learned guitar riffs by ear from listening to The Eagles, Bon Jovi, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among many others. While teaching himself to play, he found that it was easier to keep time when he sang the words to the songs. Neil needed more of a challenge. He began learning Tesla's "Love Song" along with several other more intricate songs. Upon honing his skills, he then began writing several originals, but kept them to himself. Around that same time Neil was asked by a friend to join the chorus in high school, because it was easy and fun. He enjoyed singing so much that he ended up in Varsity Chorus and Show Choir throughout his high school career.

While in Varsity Chorus, Neil was asked to play guitar in the school jazz band. He joined, but it was short lived as he quickly realized this style of music wasn't for him. He wanted to play louder, harder music, so he started a band called Silver Lining with a couple of friends from school. The band didn't last very long, but he enjoyed having a bassist and drummer to jam with. After Silver Lining ended, Neil picked up his acoustic guitar and starting writing more frequently. He started playing his original songs for others and enjoyed being able to express himself through the music. After seeing Creed live, he was truly inspired and engaged in a writing frenzy. During Neil's senior year, he played one of his new songs in his first public performance at the school's talent show. He received a hugely positive reaction, which prompted him to write more songs and engage in more live performances. Then he fell into a band called Lifehouse which definitely influenced his song writing as well.

Just a couple of years later, he met his wife to be who strongly encouraged and pushed him to play out publicly. They moved into an apartment where his neighbor, Dave Croefoot, happened to play bass. The neighbors played at open mics and coffee houses around the Charlotte area. Soon thereafter, they were asked by a local venue to perform a full show. Even knowing he didn't have a full band or a band name, Neil still agreed. The two named themselves Orange Envy, for reasons still unknown, and recorded a demo CD called "A Slice of Envy".It was recorded with a hired drummer. Their sound was post grunge rock. Orange Envy played shows all over the Southeast. They were invited to perform at a showcase in Charlotte NC, where there would be A&R scouts. Orange Envy was approached by an Interscope Records A&R who was interested in the song "Field of Gray". Though the band was excited and ready to start a career in music, they were left with no follow-up. Discouraged and ready to move on, Neil decided he wanted to explore and expand his acoustic song writing and started a project known as Jacksons Way, with Xeng Yang. An all acoustic, pop/rock sound.

After the ending of Orange Envy Neil had written several new songs with a whole new sound, fueled by a family falling out. Eager to start a new project, Neil started a new hard rock band and called them selves Steel Standing. After playing a few gigs in the Charlotte area, the group was asked to record a song for a compilation CD. They decided to record their 1st album "The Road" in 2006. The band continued to gain steam with there single "Black Star" reaching the number one spot on iHeartRadio's "Unsigned New" with nearly one million plays. Then Wreckage dropped in 2012, gathering many label interests, approached again by Interscope. Ending again in no follow up, the band regrettably called it quits in late 2012, after a member decided to leave.

Neil joined modern rock group Beyond the Fade in March 2013 as the front man. A roll he has never taken on before. Stepping our from behind the guitar and to the front of the stage. It seems to have come very natural for him. Beyond the Fade has high aspirations and are dreaming big, They will keep pushing till they reach the top. Neil continues on and is in the process of recording a new acoustic album. Gathering a large loyal following through the years, is causing high anticipation for the new album. When asked what this new album would be about, Neil said, "Life. I have written about some many things over the years, struggles, heart break. But I am completely happy in life now. My first single, "Hate You", is a plea to a very good friend to wake up. I have written about my son, society, faiths, etc. You will see a few twists on this album, sounds, styles, subject matter. I can't wait to unleash and share." His debut album "Neil Jackson, live from Amos' Southend" will be released in fall 2014.

Since Neil has open for acts such as Sister Hazel, 12 Stones, Days of the New, Secondhand Serenade, Veronica Ballestrini, Juliet Sims, Jani Lane(Warrant), Stuck Mojo, Adema, Wayland, Another Lost Year, Jesse James Dupree, L.A. Guns, Stroke 9, and booked with Chevelle, Finger 11, and Strata
The rest of Neil Jackson's career is yet to be written...

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