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Ron Everett is an American music artist from New England. He pursued his playing style in various Boston bands including The Storm. He then moved to Los Angeles and attended Musicians Institute.

In the Mastermind project Ron recorded an eclectic mix of instrumental and vocal oriented compositions on an EP named BREAKING NEW GROUND. He then recorded another EP entitled EVOLUTION with sister Rhonda on drums, Nashville violin and dobro session player Wayne Burns and Sha Na Na saxman Jay Leslie. The song PICK UP THE PIECES from this EP was recognized by The Help Heal LA Through Music song competition to support the rebuilding of Los Angeles and Beyond Shelter organization.

The YESTERDAYS DREAM follow-up album became a fine canvas for Ron to further develop his passion for songwriting. Drummer Craig Pilo with Maynard Ferguson and Edgar Winter and bassist Eric D. of Wicked Smart Studios valuably contributed to this project. Tracks were mastered by Bob Lazo having credits with Winona Ryder and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Co-produced with Paul, son of the late Leo Curo who performed with Eric Claptons producer Delaney Bramlett.

CHEVY SHOOGA funky blues single Ron wrote and produced was inspired by actor musician Jeff Osterhage who formed The Jam Cylinders band. It was recorded at Encore Studios in Burbank California. Executive producer Darryl Caseine engineer Pete Novak with credits including Gwen Stafani, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Alanis Morissette. New Orleans harp player Zollie Polk and LA saxman Brian Floyd with jazz pianist Billy Mitchell, Nori Iji and the Untouchables.

Ron is currently recording at Woolley Mammoth Studios in Waltham Mass. Select songs from the Heart & Soul set are being laid down with bassist Tony Puleo (Carly Simon/GK Amps/Mike Lull Guitars), drummer Lance Anderson (TPA) and guitarist/engineer/producer David Minehan (The Neighborhoods/Replacements).

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