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Dave Molsberry and Ryan Cross started Two Wrongs Make a Right, a two man cover band, back in the winter of 2000. Ryan sang and played Rhythm Guitar and Dave played Lead Guitar. They played a couple songs at a Talent Show in Fiske, Saskatchewan, their hometown, in May of 2000. That, my friend is where the talent started rolling out of them, I tell you!!

They had their first gig back in December of 2000, where they played at the Brock Snowmobile Rally at the Brock Hotel, in Brock, Saskatchewan! What a show that was, wow did they suck hahahaha, but they had fun! That was when they came up with the name Two Wrongs Make Right.

It wasn't until April of 2001, at a Trip Dance in Brock, while rockin it out to Rex Preston and the Sex Pistons, when they met Grant McIntyre, a local Drummer from the D'Arcy, Saskatchewan area. They were informed he played drums, so in Ryan's drunken stooper, he said to him, "We should start up a band!" and he said "Sure, why wouldn't we!" So, they planned to get together and that never actually happen until their first gig in June of that year.

Dave's cousin's husband, Aubrey Eaton from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, sang and played guitar also, so they asked him to join and he said "Sure, why wouldn't I?" Well, Dave and Ryan finally had a band, they just needed a gig and a new name.

Ryan came up with the name Correction Line, seeing that they were from Saskatchewan, where a Correction Line is a grid road, where they spent most of their time driving around on "checking crops". So, Correction Line consisted of Ryan Cross, Dave Molsberry, Aubrey Eaton and Grant McIntyre and they played gigs around the Rosetown and Kindersley areas. Ryan and Aubrey shared the lead vocals, alternating cover songs, playing Classic Country and Classic Rock N' Roll.

Correction Line hired Ryan's brother, Trevor Cross to be the bands Manager. Trevor managed to get a few gigs for the band over the years, but managed to drink more then get gigs. Trevor was let go in July of 2005. He was quoted as saying "The band didn't pay me good enough anyways! It's their loss!". He eventually left on good terms.

While looking for a place for the new Cover Band to play, they asked the owner of the Fiske Hotel, Patrice Pope, if they could play for the Fiske Sports Day in the bar and she said "Sure, why wouldn't you?" So, Ryan and Dave called up Grant and Aubrey and had their first unreheased, unpractised, shitty gig at the Fiske Hotel, June 5th, 2001, the start to their "Playin For Booze" Tour. They actually played for booze that night and none of them remember most of that evening. Correction Line continued to play throughout the years.

During this tour, the band decided they needed a Bass Guitar in the works, so Aubrey picked up the Bass Guitar, began to practise and eventually started playing the Bass for gigs. They also decided they needed a fiddle player after seeing a local gal, Carly Seibold, playing a very good fiddle. Correction Line also had the privilege of having quite a few other talented musicians play with them over the years.

During the first few years, Correction Line had three other Drummers play with the band when Grant couldn't make it. Mark Cloutier of Pontiex, Saskatchewan, Nate Burlando of Fiske and Dustin Rieger of Fiske, were the other Drummers.

Ryan moved to Martensville, Saskatchewan in 2006, where he resides and continued with the band. After Correction Line completed their "Playin For Booze" Tour in 2006, they began their "The More You Drink, The Better We Sound" Tour in 2007. During this time Dave took a break from the band and moved to Calgary for work. Aubrey then took over the Lead Guitar and his friend Scott Walde from Saskatoon joined the band and played Bass Guitar. For a couple gigs, Aubrey and Scott's friend Derek Reimer from Saskatoon, played Lead Guitar with the band.

In the summer of 2009, the band Correction Line had a short break up. Aubrey, Scott and Derek all left the band to join the band Retro Echo, a great 80's Rock Band from Saskatoon. Dave happened to move to Saskatoon and hoped to get back together with the band. Unfortunately, with some of the band members leaving, the band decided to call it quits. This caused quite the outrage with local fans. People were telling them they should start up again. They really didn't want to call it quits, but they lost one of their Lead Singers, half of the songs Aubrey sang and a Bass player.

Ryan, Dave and Grant were not ready to hang it up, they figured they still had lots to give, some work just needed to be done. Ryan stepped up and learned most of the songs Aubrey sang and Dave stepped up and learned some more Lead Guitar licks. They looked around and ran into Jamie Ham of Brock, Saskatchewan, who plays a mean Bass Guitar. They asked Jamie if he would like to join the band and he said "Sure, why wouldn't I?" So, Jamie joined Correction Line and they are very happy to have him! In November of 2009, Correction Line was a band again!

Correction Line found a new Lead Guitar player to add to their sound. Jason Jewsbury from Hague Sk, joined the band in July 2010. The band will be practising soon with their new member and will be playing again in the near future.


The band is currently on their "CORRECTION LINE REVIVED TOUR" and will be playing in the following places: Biggar, Rosetown, Martensville, Fiske (of course) and hopefully Saskatoon!

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Band Members
Ryan Cross (Vocals), Dave Molsberry (Rhythm Guitar), Jason Jewsbury (Lead Guitar), Jamie Ham (Bass), Grant McIntyre (Drums), Alyssa McIntyre (Guest Singer)
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Rockabilly / Country Rock / Classic Rock

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Saskatoon, SK, CA

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