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Dr. Luna / Bio

Dr. Luna was shortened from. Dr. Lunatic and the Straight Jackets in 2010, when singer/songwriter/performer Rachelle DeBelle, took the risk of fulfilling her dream to sing and live in Seattle,Wa- or stay hometown bound and remain in Chico Ca, where she had a respectable career established in Broadcast Television. She met Luna's first guitarist Sean Wilson, (Now lead vocalist and Guitarist for 'This Glass House') and their chemistry in the studio meshed so well, that they hit the music scene in Northern California with a storm. "Getting picked up to be the Opening act for Floater and Reckless in vegas Singer Michael Shapiro, is where it all truly began. I owe those men a life of gratitude and they have it." -DB
When her Northwest tour ended, Rachelle did to relocating to Seattle, and pushing the Dr. Luna project to what she planned to be its full potential. With hundreds of shows under her belt at that point ranging from Washington to California, she toured solo through the mid west along with a 3 month stop in Austin Texas for what she claimed to be true love... Her comments on this time in her career today, are less than complimentary to herself or the nameless man who led her astray. But it is said to be the product of many beautiful things, and a staple point in the current success of the band.

Dr. Luna continued to make music, share stories and stages with acts such as; (To name our favorites) Floater, OTEP, Mobile Death Camp, Terror Universal, Thira, Downfall 2012, Dedvolt, Fallrise, Some Fear None, Reckless in Vegas, Lonely Kings, Robert Wynia, Furlough Fridays, The Alpha Complex, Jordan Biggs, Paco Estrada, A+ Machines, and many more.
Happy Full Moon released May 4, 2012 on The Super Moon. She toured her solo album through her time in Texas, and upon her return, has not played the album since... She states she has no desire to relive her own skeletons for the sake of any fan. "I love them all so much, but if I did everything everyone wanted me to do all the time, they wouldn't love our music like they do. They love it because of its conviction, and its against the grain feel. It only has that edge because I do whatever the fuck I want. And what I want, is to sing the music that I write, that makes me feel alive. Not the music that breaks me."
The band does however continue to play "Teach Me" from the album- the song dedicated to DeBelle's Grandfather, who passed away during her first solo release tour.

The second album (this time a full production, stepping heavier from the original folk acoustic album) titled "Riot of Comprehension" was released March 2014 with DeBelle's handpicked new tasty line-up of longtime friends. Her "dream team" she calls them. Riot of Comprehension has been widely distributed digitally, and has sold over 1000 hard copies on tour.

Players are: Donovan Campbell-Drummer for Luna and DeBelle's former lover. They have a strong friendship that seems to have no problems at all in the realm of tension. It actually seems to add a comedic twist to the band's chemistry. Eric Thompson- Bass for Luna is an old friend and local badass from Northern California. Narayan Marsh, who hails from the Northern California foothills, was found by DeBelle in a bar on her solo tour. "He just never left, and I can't seem to shake the guy, haha. Love that man. He is the most ripping guitar player and funnier than any human should be."- RDB
And then, there's Gray Harris- The latest addition, and longest associate of DeBelle's, a NorCal native, and a poster child for old school Rock n Roll. In appearance and in behavior. (Previously of Reverse Order)They've been comrades for ten years in the local NorCal music scene, and Harris can be found alongside Thompson, in their other project 'Sherman's Ashes.'

The album touches on many emotional struggles including the acceptance of heartbreak, the realization of the devastation in the World around us, and also on the Oppressive expectations and the patriarchal blaspheming of women in Power. The Band has discussed their issues with inequality in several interviews, and seems to promote their singer for precisely what she is. A spokeswoman for equality, common decency, sexual liberation, anti-religion, and one terrifying wrecking ball to come head to head with. It is no secret that Dr. Luna has had their share of enemies. And upon interviewing this band, it's made clear that they truly just don't give a shit. They have made their name on being unapologetic, and proud of their show. They love eachother, they love their fans, and they love music.
The band is set to release a third album in February of 2015 titled "Rude Awakening." DeBelle and Campbell primarily, came together to co-write the bulk of this album with the artistic and precise additions of Thompson's unique Bass sound, and the chaotic and hauntingly fantastic riffs of their newest member, guitarist Gray Harris. The album is a concept album, that touches on a lot of the band member's personal experiences and struggles with this new limelight, some depression, and addictions of all sorts. The Rude Awakening tour they will Headline and kick off in March 2015 will focus on the new album, and their continued quest to conquer the road they love so deeply. It will feature artists from all over the west coast, and will be followed by two acoustic solo tours for DeBelle across the entire country.
For questions and or booking/contact, please email Mike Wilde of 'Wilde Eclipse Entertainment" at drlunamusic@gmail.com


General Info

Band Members
Rachelle DeBelle - Vocals, Eric Thompson - Bass, Donovan Campbell - Drums, Enoch Narayan Marsh - Electric Guitar, Gray Harris - Electric Guitar
Artist Name
Dr. Luna
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Alternative / Rock / Hard Rock

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Chico, CA
Mike Wilde "Wild Eclipse Entertainment" DrLunaMusic@gmail.com

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