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Var Lewis / Bio

1. Who is Var Lewis? Where are you from?

I'm a 23 year old upcoming artist, who's main focus is to change the world through music. I see the effect every new major artist has on the world and I say, "why can't I have an even bigger effect". I look at the greats success and say I want that times 5. I respect there grind and work ethic but personally believe I can be just as good or better. I pride myself on being humble and helping whoever needs a helping hand. I feel as if I'm not a rapper at all but a human with the gift to express his feelings and thoughts through music of all genres. I love all music and truly believe it controls/aids the world in a subliminal way. As musicians I don't think we fully understand the power and effect we have on our world because if we did sometimes the message behind the songs would be a tad more positive. Being from East Orange, NJ I know all about gang life, the streets, hustling, grinding, and getting a dollar by any means but that does not define me. Though my actions may reflect my background and city sometimes, I still try and speak as positive as possible while giving that "hood/gangsta" feel to it. I'm aiming to give our youth hope that you can do anything in this world you want to and nobody can stop you but your own self. We control our worlds with our minds, so feed your mind properly. Just food for thought.

2. Describe your sound.

My sound is a mix of pain, happiness, love, hate, and everything else we experience in everyday life. Musically its a blend of Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop/Rock and whatever else mood I'm in. I try and categorize it as, "that real stuff" because that's what I'm speaking; that realness. I tell stories about my own life that we all can relate to no matter your culture, ethnic background, or surroundings. Like I said earlier I'm not a rapper I'm just an artist who expresses his feelings and thoughts through his music no matter the genre. Although, i tend to rap more than anything else I don't necessarily think that's my only genre of music. I'm aiming to be the first Var Lewis rather than follow in anyone else's footsteps and be called the next anybody. I want people to be called the next VL when i get that status. Not to be confused with Jim Jones and his "Vampire Life" line but VL stands for my rap name. In short, my sound is Me, you, and everyone else who loves enjoying life even in hardship. Nothing can stop the positivity within my mind.

3. What's the name of your latest project and who's on it?

My latest project will be called, "529" and is scheduled to drop this Spring/Summer. I titled it,"529" because that's my birthday and by this being my first official mixtape I see this as being my birth into the music industry. It will be different and will give you a good idea of who I am and my love for making people smile, laugh, and have a great time through my songs. Nothing I love to see more besides my families happiness is to see people who get the same vibe from my music as I do. Seeing people having the time of their lives to my music is truly a dream come true itself and I'm honored to even be blessed with this gift. I love to have fun myself but I do know my limit and have a serious side as well. You'll get all of that on,"529". The serious Var and the party Var. Being a Gemini we're known to have split personalities lol, so I guess it comes out in my music. When I'm upset or down you'll hear songs like PAIN or Cavemen, but when I'm joyful and in a great mood you'll hear songs like Last Night and CHUG. I'm also heavily into fashion so you'll definitely hear some swag on the tape as well. Stay tuned though, and be on the lookout for a youngin' I've got some big plans headed you guys way.

4. Are you signed or independent?

As of right now, I am independent being represented by myself. I am looking for a good mutual respect type of situation with a label but until that comes about I have no problem taking the independent route. Mac Miller really is an inspiration with his success independently and I feel if he can do, what makes me any different? Nothing!

5. Who have you opened up for or worked with (major artists) to date?

As of right now I just really started performing in NY and up to date I've opened for Joelle Ortiz and for one of my hip hop idol's Juelz Santana. Opening up for Juelz was be a dream come true as I model my fashion after him and has even had the privilege for modeling for him and his mother Miss Debra James back in 2010.

6. What's next for you?

World Domination (evil genius voice) lol nah I'm kidding, next for me is to drop my mixtape,"529" and to speak to the world on national stage after I get signed or whatever the situation may be. I speak positive Su that way I will attract nothing but positivity. Law of Attraction baby lol I'm living proof it really works. Be on the lookout for me in 2014-15, I'm coming strong this year! It's been a pleasure. Much love and God Bless everyone!

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