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Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, Melina Chiatalas started singing at the age of two, and would shake her rattle to the beat of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. When Melina was about 6 years old, she started playing Piano by ear. Her mother would play a song, and she would mimic the tune in perfect pitch. Melina moved around a lot. Though, she spent the majority of her adolescence in New Jersey.
As a teenager, Melina started to get more serious about music and started composing songs (complete with lyrics and music). Whenever she saw musicians jamming, she would always join in…even if she had never met them before. She would play in all the talent shows and music ensemble performances during her latter high school years. She later, taught herself how to play the guitar. For her high school graduation, she wrote a song as a gift to the school principal, recorded it in the school’s recording studio, and then performed it during her graduation ceremony. The principal liked the song so much, that he decided to make it the official school anthem.
After, she graduated high school, she perused her passion for music even further. She took on voice lessons, and would also record several songs at her house, using her Tascam multi-track recorder. Melina performed at many open mics, where she met a Producer (Tom Pisani), who had a recording studio in Suffern New York. He took Melina on as a client and they recorded several of her songs. Melina was so intrigued by all the equipment at the studio that she decided that she wanted to learn more about the world of recording.
After relocating to Detroit MI, Melina decided to pursue a degree in Sound Recording Technology at Schoolcraft College. While she attended one of the music labs at her school, she met a drummer/recording engineer named Josh Karpowicz. Josh was interning at Pearl Sound Recording studio as an engineer, and seeking new talent to bring into the studio. Soon after, Melina became a client of Chuck Alkazian (owner, producer of Pearl Sound). Melina would write and record her songs in her project recording studio (using DAWs such as Protools, Logic and Reason), and then she would copy her sessions onto her external hard drive and bring it into the studio where she, Josh and Chuck would continue where she left off. Melina is always writing songs no matter where she is…even when she’s at work.
Along with writing and recording songs for her debut album, Melina has been involved with several other projects including: collaborating with Logic and Rae (a hip hop group), recording live events, writing/producing beats and also creating some mock satirical radio spots. Melina has also done work in film. She has written and produced several instrumentals intended for sound tracks, worked a camcorder for a live broadcast of the Detroit Music Awards, done foley work for an independent movie titled “A Slow and Steady Drip” from a film company called “Super house Productions,” and even appeared in a Hollywood feature film titled “Awol” as an extra. Also, one of her songs has appeared in an indie film titled, “Buffalo Diamonds.”
Since Melina has been attending college, she has become very involved with the school’s music scene. She has performed at school events, worked the sound board for a few events, volunteered with stage setup, and is Vice president of the school’s music club (Beats and Music Faction). Also, the Schoolcraft Synthesizer ensemble (one of the school’s bands) performed several of her original songs, two of them were “Driveway, and It’s Over.” In addition, she has toured with the school’s jazz band and played several venues in Chicago, including the Jazz Showcase. Melina has obtained a one year certificate (going on a two year degree) in Music Recording Technology, and is currently pursuing a B.A. in Music Recording Technology.

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