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Lionmouth is a fictional rock group as part of the Save Me From the Ninjas! project. As with all Save Me From the Ninjas! artists, Lionmouth’s music is made using Apple’s GarageBand software. The following biography is in regards to the group/project’s fictional universe (which includes dates, critical recognition, chart positions, etc.). Also note that none of these artists actually have any vocals yet, so references to singing/rapping/lyrics are also (mostly) fictional.

Lionmouth is an alternative metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band loosely formed in 1991, originally consisting of singer/guitarist David Knox, guitarist/bassist Gregory Warner, and drummer Darren Jennings. The band went through numerous lineup changes through 2000, when they settled on their current lineup of Knox (lead vocals), Brandon Little (lead guitar), Tom Davis (rhythm guitar), Graham Adams (bass guitar), and Jason White (drums)

After a decade and a half of playing small gigs, the band was signed in 2003 and released their self-titled debut album in 2004, led by the single “Thunderstruck” and the promotional release “Outsider”. In 2007, the band followed up with Death in the Valley, aided by the singles “1-800-Call the Devil” and “Cycle”. The album was considerably heavier than its predecessor, and less diverse.

In 2010, Lionmouth released their third album, Blood Leaves, aided by the lead single “Integrity” and the ballad “Dream”. Blood Leaves features more of a progressive rock style than the group’s other albums, and a much less rough sound. Two years later, the band released Tomorrow, led by the singles “Extinction” and “Linger”.

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David Knox—lead vocals, Brandon Little—lead guitar, Graham Adams—bass, Tom Davis—rhythm guitar, Jason White—drums
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Alternative / Alternative metal / Alternative rock

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Seattle, WA