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Dirty blues, dark Americana, gothic folk, alternative indie blues... It's rock & roll, man!
Jesse James & GGBR ~ the Golgotha Gypsy Blues Revue

"Gothic gypsy blues", is one accurate snapshot of the GGBR's unique sound.
Or one could say, "dark folk", "dark americana", "roots n' guts", "blood n' bones". . . the list goes on.
"My music is an ongoing dialog with my life ~
touching base with my past,
keeping tabs on the future,
being overtly conscious of the present,
checking in with my demons,
celebrating the excesses; the drugs, the booze, the debauchery, the loves, the losses, the pain, the joys, and all the experience that comes with living life at full tilt.
Every lyric and every note wrung from the guitar is a confessional, a window, an invitation to explore my experience and all that makes us ... human." ~j~

Fronted by guitarist, singer/songwriter Jesse Aaron James, the GGBR draws from Jesse's varied and worldly experience as a hired gun, and as lead guitarist for internationally recognized goth-rock bands Redemption (bound) and Tragic Black, and adds a healthy dose of dark Americana, roots rock, and dirty blues to create a unique rock n' roll show that is not to be missed. Original music is influenced (rather strangely) by traditional blues, 50s R&B + rock n' roll, 60s British invasion, 70s glam, 80s punk, goth, new wave, buttrock, & alternative, (sorry, I slept right through the 90s ~ absolutely nothing happening there. ~j~), and more recent indie blues and minimalist folk-pop.

Jesse's granddaddy was a Southern Baptist preacher in the heart (heat?) of Louisiana and his grandmother was pure Cajun; four-foot-two with a giant nose and a broken patois of French/English/FrenCajglish... anyway, she was always smiling. That preachin' however - that's probably a big part of what led Jesse to indulge in the more, ah, "darker" elements of life and spirituality. Jesse was born and spent one childhood in Alaska where his father shot, killed, smoked, and ate damn near every living thing up there... that's what led Jesse to later embrace a vegetarian diet and Buddhist philosophies. Jesse's mother worked at a local radio station and would often bring home the "retired" or duplicate 45s which would be listened to with great relish, regardless of genre. "I remember a lot of that late 60s, early 70s dangerous country music, back when it was still pure - Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Ray Price, etc. I loved the heartache and booze songs, even as a wee one." ~j~
Jesse spent another childhood in Utah where he learned that Southern Baptists did not entirely corner the market on aggressively trying to curb indulgences and basic human desires. "Religion has always seemed like an imperialistic iron fist to me. I'd rather live free to do whatever strikes my fancy. I'll deal with eternity later." ~j~

Jesse cut his musical teeth playing in "buttrock" bands, where the height of the hair was directly proportionate to the number of (accurate) notes you could cram into a guitar solo. "The pants were tight, the girls were loose, and the drugs were free." ~j~ Later a broken back and a punch-up with cancer cured him of a fondness for cocaine, speed, & lsd (not together, we hope), and several trips to Europe cured him of any sense of nationalism. "The world is a great big, beautiful place and we could all learn from each other: music, politics, art, social theory, history, philosophy, culture, and individualism. We're all human, man. Put down your flags and let's have a drink!" ~j~

Shows will often include guest musicians sitting in on various instruments; percussion, harmonica, banjo, ukulele, strings, horns, vocals, anything goes! Oh, and did we mention dancers?
GGBR invites local performance dance troupes to join them at performances - belly dance, modern dance, gypsy folk, etc.

for booking inquiries and further information,
Contact: GGBR663@gmail.com
phone/text: 801-860-5433

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Jesse James - guitar & vocals, Patrick Nelson - bass, Nate Levy - drums
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Jesse James & GGBR
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Blues / Gothic Folk / Dark Americana

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Pocatello, ID
(looking for the right kind of hooligan)

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