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Last Kingdom / Bio

It all began in 2004...

when two hard rocking dudes called Stefan and Freddy met in the factory of Volvo Trucks. They drew the conclusion that something had to be done, or else they would be stuck in there forever. They both loved Helloween most of all, and both of them wanted to be rock stars, so why not start a band? Last Kingdom was formed by the singer Stefan Jacobsen and the guitarist Freddy Olofsson. They immediately started to write some songs together. But just two guys are not enough to start a band, so the search for more Last Kingdomnians started.

Stefan Malmenlid heard the demo "Land of Dreams" that was recorded by Stefan and Freddy. He liked it so much that he wanted to join the band as soon as possible. Now he is the keyboard player of Last Kingdom. He also managed to recruit his brother Jimmy, to become the bass player of Last Kingdom. They knew Erik Knutsson. He was a drummer, so he joined the band too. A very talented guitarist called Stefan Andersson joined the band as well, so now Last Kingdom had the core members and could do something productive with their lives.

They rehearsed, they rehearsed....and they rehearsed. And then Stefan A and Erik decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Freddy found the blonde drummer from Hell, Anders "Blondie" Persson. The chemistry was flawless and he immediately joined the band, followed by Hobbe on guitars.

They rehearsed for an aeon. Then they decided to unleash their horror on stage. At Musikens Hus in Gothenburg, Last Kingdom performed their first gig ever. The gig was a success and Last Kingdom had shown the world that they were here to stay. After this Last Kingdom had a couple of gigs in Gothenburg, such as being the opening act for both Dragonland and Wolf...

At that point the progression of Last Kingdom was nowhere to be found, no new material was written during that time. Anders decided to leave Last Kingdom. After a short while a new drummer was found, Henrik Hedman, and Last Kingdom arose from the Ashes of Phoenix. Shortly after, they entered the Emergenza festival. They made it to the Gothenburg finals.

This was the beginning of 2008. Last Kingdom decided to record a 3-track demo in a real studio. It was a good experience for everyone in the band, but they were not satisfied with the result, so they decided not to use the demo songs for anything, maybe as bonus tracks in the future to come...

A while after the demo was recorded, Hobbe and Henrik left the band. Last Kingdom was now convinced that they only needed one guitarist, and that was Freddy. They asked Anders to rejoin the band because he was mostly suited for the position as the drummer of Last Kingdom. After a little persuasion, Anders rejoined the band again and now, Last Kingdom had a great constellation. But sadly Anders decided to leave the band once again, this time to focus on another project. Soon they found the drummer, Andreas Alme, who joined the band for a short period of time. He helped out with the drum tracks for the album, though he had left the band shortly before the recording started.

They entered the studio to record a new demo with Andy LaRoque at the mixing table. They were very happy with the quality and sent it to a couple of record labels and soon Limb, along with some other labels, contacted the band and the cooperation was a fact. Once again the band entered the studio to work with Andy, but this time to record the full album “Chronicles of the North”. When the album was recorded and mixed, the band and Freddy sat down and had a meeting, and they finally decided to go their separate ways.

Now the band had a great album but not so many musicians who could play the songs. Stefan J, Stefan M, and Jimmy tried their best and advertised for a new drummer. Sebastian López contacted the remains of the band and shortly after he joined as the new drummer for Last Kingdom. He had a friend who was supposed to be a pretty good guitar player. His name was David Stockman and he had no trouble convincing the band that he should be their new guitarist.

The band decided that they needed a facelift, because the sound was good, but there was still something missing. When they recorded the album, they had a female vocalist, Therése Gunnarsson, singing backing vocals on the track “Abandoned”, and the result turned out very well. They decided to ask her if she wanted to join the band, but this time as a full member. She was excited, and said yes. Despite this, the band still thought that there was something missing. So they decided to go hunting for a second guitarist.

A friend of Stefan J. and Therése gave them a tip about a guy called Johan Olofsson, who was in their friend´s former band. So they scouted him one weekend at Parken, Gothenburg. After his gig, they contacted him and talked about the future of Last Kingdom, and asked him if he wanted to try out for the band, and he did! After the try-out, the members of the group were very happy to announce that they now had found their second guitarist.

In March 2012 Last Kingdom released their debut album “Chronicles of the North”. The album was well received all over the world and it gained a lot of great reviews and people outside of Sweden started to know about the band. Now, the chemistry was right and the band immediately started producing new songs for the second album.

Shortly after, Last Kingdom was ready to enter the studio again for the release of their second album, Dream Captain.

General Info

Band Members
Stefan Jacobsen - Lead Vocals Stefan Malmenlid - Keyboards Jimmy Malmenlid - Bass Sven Hansson Bom - Guitars Daniel Bernström - Drums
Artist Name
Last Kingdom
Home Page
Metal / Power Metal / Hard Rock

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Gothenburg, SE

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