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COMA TOASTED/REUBEN- Guitar Guru / Wizard / Ghost. Also, some Bass, Keys, Drums, Orchestra Arrangement.& friends...
Comatosted/Reuben comes to us from...well we aren't exactly sure,but amid rumors & urban legends of him crashing through the ozone on a flaming 67 Gibson flying V,& the other of him having been born a bastard in the nursery of NYC's Bellevue mental Hospital,this much we do know: the troubled teen grew up on the streets of the Bronx,the only white boy in an all black Latino community,& just like that song they would tell him to "Play that funky music"& he did; bringing his guitar w/ him every where he went,whether it was the yards where the graffitti crews would tag trains,or the park where he'd accompany the breakdancing battles.He got turned on to P Funk,Afrika Bambaattaa & Kraftwerk,but he would turn his friends on to Ace Frehley.King Crimson,David Bowie& the Dead Boys; a group he got into by taking the subway down to Bowery's notorious CBGB'S. He was still a juvenile when he actually did end up in a psyche ward of Bellevue,& by all accounts,it is believed that is there where he met Dr. Walter Chekhovsky.a renowned violinist & Doctor of music & psychology.According to legend,the good Doctor was set to take a chair position @ the Julliard school of music,when he went mad trying to compose a Pagannini like composition that was w/out any known scales.He became Reuben's mentor,& agreed to school him only if the young man complied w/ his cruel & unusual training conditions. Able to hold an excruciating martial arts pose while cranking out complicated allan holdsworth guitar playing;It was all routine for Reuben while he was locked up,& the result is a disciplined yet unhinged guitar player. Reuben was literally released to the world when they let him out,& because he was a minor,the club owners would have to sneak him in through the the back door when they let him smoke the stage.That kid ended up coming out to Los Angeles as well as meeting the very talented producer Phil Stewart. In the oddest of places," I was out searching for talent,scouting,I guess," Phil recalls" I ended up at this weird multi-media event in Hollywood,& there Roob was,playing this nearly demolished flying- V in this crazy side show!" Today ComaToasted/Reuben's musical interest runs the gamut from hardcore to electrinica,....from sludgy guitars & orchestral scores,obscure 78's & a plethora of knowledge from turn of the century to now Always perfecting his own kind of boogie inspired from all those afternoons ducking authorities inside Times Square's seedy grindhouses. In fact you could probably call his unique style,neo grindhouse,It's really hard to label...You decide...It's not for everyone,but I'm a fan,& maybe you're one too...

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