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We started of as an indie band called Illusion In progress about 3 years ago
with nicky playing drums for that band and angel playing guitar while the other members were Victor Gutierrez on lead guitar, Carlos(dont remember his last name sorry!) on Vocal duties and on bass, Stoffers if im spelling his name correctly. With that band we recorded a 4 song demo but was never really finished. After abut 2 shows, Aj decided it wasnt working so he quit. The band was at the point disbanded. Then soon after aj decided we should still make music but also change our style of music into a more heavy path. Nicky was still on drums(at this point he was on his way learning guitar). So we went ahead and recruited our friend Julio to play lead guitar. The band was a big change of genre. After about a month of practice we went ahead and recruited our friend Omar aka Pan whom at the time had just gotten his hands on a bass. By the time we had asked him to join he was already descent enough to play only to get better. The band was going well for a couple of months, then nicky just wasnt into the music anymore. Soon he quit with Pan. After with PAN fronting his own band "CLEAVAGEFIELD" for about 7 months with Nicky on guitar, Rick on lead guitar, Pan on bass, and first bryan on drums and the last one to drum for cleavegefield Gio something?. Maybe less. Cleavagefield was a good band with potential but with lacking members and never ever ever had a descent drummer, so there was nopoint anymore. So the band started falling apart and while that was going on Aj contacted nicky to form another band because apparently things werent going so well with im either. The deal was Nicky on guitar and vocals and Aj on guitar and vocals as well. The band briefly went as MUDDYBONE, then after choosing our stage names we became to what is now the "VEEN VON VELTS"

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Band Members
Mickey von, A.J Veen, Cees Luna, Rick Velt
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Veen Von Velts
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Rock / Muddy / Punk

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Bell, CA

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