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World Of Lies is a melodic death/ thrash/ grind band with social, and political lyrics.

The band was formed in Sacramento, CA in 2001 by Tony Avila on guitar as a side project of the band Eulogy (Sacto/ PDX). The same year as the demise of Eulogy (Sacto/ PDX), World Of Lies worked hard on practicing and writing a new record, different than the death metal serial killer style that Eulogy was known for, more on the melodic death/ thrash/ grind side with social, and political lyrics. The 1st line up dissolved before the 1st CD was complete, line ups came and went through out the years to come but the band always delivered.

---World Of Lies - The Material God CD was released in 2002.

A 4 song recording session took place in the end of 2003 not only 3 months after a new line up was in place. This session was to be released as a single called Gardens Of The Dead on vinyl but ended up being packaged for downloading directly off the website and was distributed that way.

---World Of Lies - Gardens Of The Dead downloadable EP was released 2002.

New songs were written with the new 4 piece line up and World Of Lies entered Digitsound studio again to cut another CD in 2004. This time the band revisited some of the tracks from the 1st CD + all the new songs they had up until that point. The new CD was called World Of Lies, self titled.

---Partners In Grind 7" compilation was released in 2004.
---World Of Lies - World Of Lies CD was released in 2004.

In late 2004 soon after the release of the World Of Lies - World Of Lies CD the band moved to Portland, Oregon.

2005, marked a new line up, in a new city and state which played to support the newly released CD.

---L.E.A. Portland Metal Compilation CD is released featuring World Of Lies song "Gardens Of The Dead".

At the start of 2007, with a new line up, World Of Lies started recording the Thorns EP and released it on vinyl and CD. Right as World Of Lies was about to start recording for the Thorns EP a offer came in to be on the Nunslaughter Tribute CD so World Of Lies did a fun little track called "Visions Of A Satanic Priest" for the album and submitted it. It hit the streets mid/ late 2007. One thing that was missing in the California days was punk, once we moved to Oregon punk was incorporated into the sound and the drums which made the band change to a small degree added more than it took away. This addition became noticeable on the Thorns EP and the next release as well.

---Nunslaughter Tribute CD was released 2007 featuring the song "Visions Of A Satanic Priest" by World OF Lies.
---World Of Lies - Thorns EP on CD and 7" vinyl was released 2007.

World Of Lies with a new line up wrote, practiced and recorded for a new split with Toe Tag (Blaine Cook, Alex Maggotbrain & O'Ring Steve Nelson from The Accused) in 2008-2009. World Of Lies had incorporated punk into the sound on the Thorns EP but went even further into punk/ grind when writing for this split.

---World Of Lies/ Toe Tag - Split CD was released 2009.

Then due to multiple reasons the band went on hiatus in late 2009.


World Of Lies made a short secret appearance at a show in 2011, the members of the band Dead In A Ditch filled out the line up.


Towards the end of 2012, new songs were written for a new album in the vein of the original material melodic death/ thrash/ grind and will still incorporate the Oregon style as well. A new line up was put together in December 2012 consisting of Tony Avila, Tony OT Papasadero (Dead In A Ditch) and Michael Thompson (Demonitary). World Of Lies practiced in secret learning songs from the 1st 8 years as well as 3 brand new songs.

World Of Lies played a secret benefit show filing in for a canceling band then World Of Lies played a sold out show for their official come back with gods of Death Metal NILE in March 2013. In May after playing the benefit and come back show World Of Lies released their new EP Living Under Drones and went on a short tour of Oregon, Nevada and California.

---World Of Lies - Living Under Drones EP on CD and 7" vinyl was released 2013.

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Band Members
Tony Avila - Vokills/ Guitars, Tony Papasadero - Bass/ Vokills & Michael Thompson - Drums
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World Of Lies
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Metal / Melodic Death Metal, Thrash, Grindcore, Punk

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Portland, OR

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