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Leo's musical talents sound apart from today's
entertainers. His sound comes from life experiences, not wishful
thinking or something seen in the movies. That's where his
inspirations come in... from Tu Pac to T.I. and a little Outkast in the
middle. Like some of his inspirations, once Leo gets both feet in
the door, he hopes to build a foundation for the youth, be a mentor,
provide college grants to those who can't afford to do so, and be
involved in different charities.

Alaska born and raised Destine to be on top At the age of nine, Leo began to write rap lyrics with the hopes of becoming an NBA star. On his way to basketball stardom, Leo was looking through a local stores catalog and spotted a karaoke machine. At the time, Leo thought a karaoke machine would be fun to entertain himself with. With some of his first freestyles and beat boxing recorded on cassette tapes; It was at 12, Leo experienced a real studio. Helping record other rappers and getting familiar with studio equipment, Leo was slowly letting the idea of a NBA star disappear. It wasn't until the age of 15 Leo decided the entertainment industry was his passion. at 17 in 2005, Leo established Lion Heart Entertainment- a self made entertainment company. Along with Lion Heart Entertainment, Leo's first album "Made It" was released. To promote Leo's album, t-shirts and flyers were produced. A local magazine, "Play Magazine," gave "Made It" 21/2 stars as well as the band Lincoln Park and the rap duo YoungBloodz for their albums that year. Six months later Leo released the mixtape "The Black Sunn." flyers and a seven city tour helped to promote "The Black Sunn's" success. Being that Leo is business oriented and success driven, during "the Black Sunn's" release and promotions, Leo was working on his second mixtape "O.K. Round 3" which was released six months later in 2007 after his 21st birthday. In 2008, Leo took an 11 day tour to promote himself and his musical capabilities. On this tour, Leo sold 500+ CD'S, passed out 1,000 flyers, and did a few interviews with local rap artist for his documentary DVD. As of May 2008, Leo has sold over 2,000 CD's, gave out over 3,600 flyers, and has endless hours of video footage. Strong willed and spiritually in tune, Leo turned to himself and his faith to get his name out in the open. With dreams of stardom and the ambition to fulfill his destiny, Leo makes sure his presence is known. He has been nominated for best new artist of the year and for best song: "I said this" Some of the perks of Leo's growing career are: opening
for Young Dro, Lil Scrappy, Mario, performing for Michael Watts,
performing at numerous clubs, and meeting those already named along
with Project Pat, DJ Don Figga, DJ Active, T.I., and Young Joc just to
name a few. When
things get rough Leo surrounds himself with positivity including
loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy people. Positivity is something Leo AKA KING LEO is never far from. He likes to say at times "top of the globe,
times hit rock bottom but you gotta keep pushin'." ..

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