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The sexy, YENN has a sultry voice that emanates through electro-charged rhythms of pop, rock, and urban beats. Such pulsating sounds are only a glimpse into the mind of YENN, a woman refusing to be defined by a particular genre. This 20-something, vocalist easily glides along the charts, where you’ll hear her racy sound, mixing and blending wicked beats with a dynamic voice.

YENN is a bit of an eclectic music aficionado. Her love of music ranges from her childhood traditional Vietnamese roots; to Janis Joplin, Prince and Aretha Franklin; to Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins; to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.

"I was initially drawn to that sound [Smashing Pumpkins] because it was so unglamorous, and yet so un-glorified, dirty and raw! But, it was simple and it made sense," YENN says. As a songwriter, YENN gets it. She understands that lyrics are just as important as the melody. Deeply inspired by Janis Joplin as a child, YENN says, she would sit for hours listening to Joplin’s chart-topping rendition of "Summertime." YENN credits Joplin’s genius as a music arranger, as well as singer for inspiring her to sing. "Janis Joplin had a version of ‘Summertime’ that was the best I’ve ever heard. She sings from the heart – the gut," she says. Such guttural vibratos are often heard in YENN’s songs. She believes lyricists and vocalists must speak one’s heart into notes.

YENN is doing just that with her new single, "I Don’t Need You to Love Me," featuring hit rapper Legacy. A definite club joint, this female anthem has ladies jumping on the floor, feeling empowered. "It’s a mantra we all need to not only hear, but embrace. I think we as women, especially in today’s society, fall prey to pressure. Just be yourself as a whole person – a higher being," says YENN. She likes this track because it urges women to make better choices when choosing mates. Backed by producer Sean "The Pen" Garrett , "I Don’t Need You to Love Me," is a Pop song that cuts urban grooves, by dropping a Westside L.A.-like back and slight electronica vibe.

YENN first debuted on the charts with the Dance/Electro single, "So Good to Be Wrong," in 2010. It peeked at No. 25, and while considered a dance track, it was a true vocal trance and underground rave joint, featuring YENN’s soft, melodic vocals. "It was personal space, and lyrical energy," YENN explains. After much success, YENN came back in 2011 with the electro-charged, single, "Pretty Ugly." YENN calls it a "celebratory" track that peaked at No. 14, written and produced by Alex Cantrell. The single was based around partying at the club, and the glam scene. "Pretty Ugly," was an undeniable dance hit, showcasing YENN’s vocals gliding over a four-on-the-floor techno movement.

Originally from Saigon, South Vietnam, YENN’s been on the entertainment scene since the age of 13 as an accomplished singer and dancer. She signed with Asia Entertainment in 2000, and began touring North America, Australia, Russia, and European countries such as Germany, Holland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. YENN was the mastermind behind several best-selling DVDs, and musicals produced in her native Vietnamese language. The musical prodigy also recorded and released 10 CDs in her native language, and is known for songs such as "Voi Anh Dem Nay," "Adult Ceremony," "Voulez Vous," and "Dem Buon Nhu Thanh Ca," which launched her into international fame.

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