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JoShuA / Bio

Shu Nakamura and Joe Cassady got tired of what they were doing and did something else. This process was repeated and recorded on eight separate occasions in between doing other things. Each time what they did was different, unlike the other things in between which stayed mostly the same. The different things were done at nighttime as that is when most different things happen. Most things done during the day are usually the same. Because each thing had to be different Shu and Joe made sure they finished each of these eight things before it became daytime, so that each would stay different and not run the risk of becoming the same.

Shu Nakamura taught himself music and ninja warcraft at a young age in his native Japan. He then joined a Beatles cover band and decided that to bring the Liverpool sound to the United States and reap the rewards of fame and fortune. Alas, upon arrival in 1999 he found The Beatles themselves had beat him to it by some thirty-plus years. He vthen vowed on the spot to thereafter only devote himself to original pursuits. He has yet to break his word.

Joe Cassady began writing at the age of three. At the time he used a crayon and had trouble with capital letters. At around this time he also began hearing parts for orchestral music n his head and fell in love with an imaginary girl who was a coutry singer in Nashville and looked a lot like Naomi Judd. She vowed they would marry and that she would make him famous if only he'd write her some nice songs. Though he never learned to compose classically, over the years he did write a few nice songs and even went to Nashville once and met his imaginary girlfriend in person (she was even better looking than he pictured). Alas, they never married. Neither of them is currently famous.

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