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Behn-Shakhar Ben-Israel a.k.a Ben Blackwell is a 19 year young Hebrew Israeli, who grew up in the southern parts of Israel in a small town called Arad. He is now living up north in a city called Tiberias with his father. Behn began his musical career 7 years ago Inspired by his older brother Rahm Ben-Israel who is a music producer, in the early years he was influenced by the Hip Hop idols of the world who he calls non Redemptive. When Behn reached the age of 17, his father conducted a conversation with him that changed Behn's style of thinking, way of writing and destiny in life in 180 degrees (his father is A Jew). After the conversation he had with his father Behn could not write or create any music for several months. And that was the turning point in his life. Behn Clearly believes in the existence of his name and he devotes his life's purpose to it. Behn Shakhar Ben-Israel - The Morning Star - "He represents the dawn of a new day , The hope and the light that guides our steps toward total redemption-"Ben-Ami". With hope in his heart Behn releases his first clip / single And dedicates it to the entire State of Israel, his community (The Hebrew Israelite's from Dimona /Arad/Mitzpe) and all those who live outside of Israel that stand with Israel and support Israel. Now Behn is deleting the old hip-hop world and replacing it with Poetic Prophecy ((A way to express and share feelings through music where it will inspire and affect people in a positive way))

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Ben Blackwell
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World / Poetic Prophecy / Redemptive Sounds

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Chicago, IL
773-406-0177 | Michael Adams

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