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J-Hen's current ambition is like every other music artist and that’s to have a successful music career. Today, the music industry is saturated with so much talent that J-Hen knows he has to bring his “A” game if he wants to stand out in the crowd. He believes that consistency, a good work ethic and his faith are what drives his motivation to succeed. With more than three years in the making, J-Hen released his freshman album that he believes will put the music entertainment world on alert. With the clubs and night scenes constantly looking for the next big hit to keep their patrons on the dance floor, J-Hen stepped out on faith and decided to encompass several genres in one album. His newly completed album, Envision, includes music for the young, old, new school, and old school listeners. His songs are from a collection that he comprised of smooth R&B, HipHop and Pop. J-Hen creates his music from his heart about what he feels and from experiences he has gained from those feelings. He has developed his own style that is very different with gripping vocals and shredding lyrics that are the heart and soul of his debut album, Envision. J-Hen says his songs are sensual, sensitive and savvy and have a whole lot of soul. There is something on this album for everyone.

However, this album did not come without the adversities faced by most music artists today. Yes, J-Hen says, "the struggle is real." From late nights, bad deals, missed opportunities, and learning the music industry, J-Hen and his management team knows what it takes to get the job done. Setbacks and adversities only made the team stronger and gave them valuable insight into what it takes to be a successful team. Having a strong faith in God, integrity, and a willingness to not accept defeat is what helped J-Hen and his team (HipStars Entertainment) stay in the game and keep striving for success.

J-Hen and the producers that worked on his project really pulled together and brought it. His project was the work of several Dallas Producers, Jason Alexander Martin, Walter Johnson Jr. and Demetrius Smith as well as a Shreveport, Louisiana Platinum Producer, Ron "Slack" Jefferson, who was a former drummer for the R&B Houston group H-Town.

J-Hen is a self motivated singer/songwriter and has been known to burn the midnight oil working on his music until the wee hours of the morning and then turn around and head to work for a 7:00am security officer shift. Several people have asked him why he does it and his simple response is, "Because I'm going to make it one day." Dedication and a strong desire to succeed is what drives his passion for his music. When it's time to grind, J-Hen is ready and says that good opportunities only come around once. If you don't act upon it when the opportunity presents itself, you will never know what the outcome would have been. J-Hen loves his family, his friends and his fans and he appreciates the love and support he has received from each of them. He knows they are who can make or break his music career.

J-Hen is known for his R&B single “Sex Instructor” which was successful in hitting the Billboard Hot Single Sales Charts at #49 on the 2012 Billboard Year End Sales Chart. He was also selected for a private audition with the TV show The Voice early in 2013. Although he did not make the final cut it was a great experience to meet and see so many great artists that were chosen to participate in that round. J-Hen enjoys entertaining his fans by recording videos on his YouTube channel, JHENTV, and giving them a peek into the world of J-Hen. He's also on practically every relevant social media site out there and he and his marketing team strive to promote on each of them every day.

J-Hen was born in Shreveport, Louisiana (born James Edwards Henry Jr.), June 14, 1985 but was raised as a Texan. He lives in Dallas, Texas, where he grew up listening to such idols as Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Prince, The Isley Brothers, Silk, The Neptunes, Scott Storch, Bobby Valentino, Omarion, Marques Houston and the newest to his list, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher and Justin Timberlake. J-Hen's list seems extensive but these are the artists he says influenced his music the most.

J-Hen started rapping with middle school friends at the age of 12. They would stay up late into the night perfecting their craft and putting beats together. J-Hen taught himself how to write his own songs and in less than a few months had formed a rap group with long-time friend Brandon Heath, A.K.A. Heazy. With Heazy he learned how to rap and then fused the concept of rapping with singing and thus began to write, produce and record music!

While still in high school the duo released their first LP, "Livin' Durrty", which included tracks of J-Hen singing. He liked the success of their first album which was mainly distributed among friends and family, and decided to switch over to R&B. However, while focusing on the second LP the group parted ways. For the last eight years or so J-Hen has been consistently writing and producing music and always working on new material. He's been approached to sign a few deals but nothing solid has panned out. As for now, he will continue under his own label, which is run by his parents/momager, under the name HipStars Entertainment.

J-Hen says the next step now is to promote the new album, go on some tours, gain new followers, and just promote, promote, promote. He's ready to hit the ground sprinting. J-Hen's music showcases pure talent of a young man that is showing the world that he is on his way and proving that if given the chance, he can be the next hit music sensation and he's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish just that.

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