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Supernomadic / Bio

We are a small group of musicians from Austin, TX with a storyteller’s muse - a trio of modern minstrels with a rock, gypsy, and roots sound. Our influences span from Jimi Hendrix to Tom Waits and into the narrative folk traditions of Eastern Europe. We are drawn to what is both absurd and profound about life in the way that looking into someone’s eyes for a long time can feel like both at once.

Much of the inspiration for our music comes from the texturous lives of wandering souls: circus performers, refugees, the Roma and Bedouin peoples, the homeless. . . We love to give voice to the mythology of characters, real and imagined, whose stories have been hidden; people (or animals) whose inner lives may have the lushest voices to let out but who are powerless to tell us their tales. We imagine living their stories for a short while. We want to experience the wind on a runaway’s face or to gather kindling with other travelers near the warm, shared calling to find home. We crave to uncover what has compelled these wanderers to search elsewhere for peace and to find out what has pushed them to inhabit the in-between places of the world. We find these answers in the music.

A realm of whimsical questions exists behind each story, like : Who knocked over the imaginary sideshow tent last night? We are certain that it was the drunkard who operates the Wheel of Death. In a series of heavy stumbles, he'd have needed to trip over four supporting guylines in a row to topple a tent that large! It was surely an impressive display of navigational ineptitude. There, on the ground nearby, lies one of his boots. You might think that a drunkard would be the least sensible person imaginable to operate the Wheel of Death, and you’d be correct . . . but knowing that curious fact about him surely adds to the thrill of tonight’s knife-throwing act, doesn’t it?

Our initial ideas appear in visions seen only with the mind’s eye. We want to know what will happen next and to share these discoveries through music. Drawn in by a character’s honest, humorous, or perhaps, fleeting nature, this is the place where we discover a girl who’s lived with an escaped circus bear for awhile before braving to enter society for the first time (Untamed Wild). Or we may find ourselves in a dreamlike daze, lured by a woman who leads us far into an emerald green forest only to abandon us, lost and left for dead (Witchy Tricks). From time-to-time the inspiration comes from a real person’s life, such as with our very special River Savinja (a.k.a Adele’s Song). This song follows the story of a late relative of Laura’s who faced the hell of two home-soil wars in Slovenia before meeting the love of her life and leaving for America.

Our search for unvoiced narratives helps us to become more aware of the stories surrounding our own lives. We want to pay attention, as explorers do, with a reminder of how interconnected each life is to an endless number of unfolding stories, each one helping our eyes to see farther. We love to capture these found perspectives and we want to share our excitement for the journey with you.

Come and hear us play! Let us know your story.


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Laura "Lorax" Forster - Guitar and Vocals, Jeremy "Germ" Faulk - Drums and Vocals, Kai Roach - Bass Guitar
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Rock / Rock & Roll / Gyspy Rock

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Austin, TX

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