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-UNIQUELY ORIGINAL SOUNDING ARTIST As many would say "REAL" "Poetic" "Depth" "Susan's Voice is an Instrument of its own" , "Heart"
Singer / Lyricist /PROLIFIC SONGWRITER, from Vancouver, B.C.Canada ,Living in Kamloops , British Columbia
Susan has taken time out from performing to work on material, create,record new songs, and to create/build a foundation & solid position on social media , Reverbnation, Sound cloud, CBC Radio ,and much more Susan will be returning to performance soon New exciting material is out already ....... more to come ~ Susan

Songwriter playing keyboards/guitar/vocals/and a number of instruments including sound engineering.

Susan A Stevens was born & raised in Vancouver, B,C. Canada Susan's love of words & writing poetry, & loving music, brought her into lyrics, that show a passion & depth created by external experiences as well as her own, flavored with a passion, depth & creativity, that continues to come from within & without. Susan was/is filled with a need to explore & play instruments, (guitar & keyboard) to create songs that can fit into many genres. Susan sings into the words that speak of relationships, as well as relationship to self, with simplicity,depth honesty, feeling & emotion. Inside Susan's head is a symphony of instruments, playing as each song evolves. She is influenced by many genres & artists. Susan has a natural ability, to apply sound, & became a sound engineer (1year program) to further create. When Susan performs the room is quiet, all ears, listen to the words & music. Susan A Steven owns all songs she has written and owns music & Lyrics© protected. I have so thankful to god for all the gifts and doors he continues to open for me & and everything Jesus has laid before me to learn and to continue to be real. and let god take the wheel he's in control not me. Much Praise to you Lord where you lead I will follow.

Susan belongs to SOCAN (Canada) & ASCAP (USA), and Internationally.

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