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Tommy Dussault / Bio

Fort Worth, Texas native Tommy Dussault picked up a guitar at the age of six and hasn’t put it down since. Ask him what his first childhood memory is and he will tell you his earliest memory is swinging on a swing listening to a Brooks & Dunn cassette singing every word. Deeply rooted in traditional and ’90’s country growing up, his music and songwriting brings that flare with relatable subject matter that draws fans from across the board.
The first song he ever wrote was at the age of seven and it was “Baseball and Bruises.” Playing guitar and singing has always been a constant in his life. Throughout high school he played sports, spent many days hunting and fishing, rode bulls, and started crafting songs. After playing at parties in high school, it was onto the honky-tonks. It was during a brief college career in Stillwater, Oklahoma that things really took hold and that fire was set. “I remember getting kicked out of a bar in Stillwater because I was underage, right before I was supposed to play a set. Some guy saw what had happened and walked outside on the street where I was. He hollered “Life By The Drop” as if to test me and see what I was all about. I started playing, per request, and the next thing I knew other people started walking up and stopped to listen. Afterwards he handed me sixty bucks. I realized at that moment, I had a way of drawing people in. And sixty dollars didn’t hurt.”
Ironically, the Stevie Ray Vaughan tune “Life By The Drop” was more than just a song Tommy knew at the time. He was living it, struggling with heavy alcoholism and drug addiction. Trying to manage college and addiction did not go well, and Tommy moved back to Fort Worth for a short time. Picking up occasional gigs and opening for bands, he was struggling to keep things going with music and life in general. In his words, “I was very lost. For a long time. All kinds of pills in my pocket, flask in my boot, bottle in my hand, cigarette hanging out of my lips. Barely eating. Blacked out all the time. Raising all kinds of hell, but miserable as could be. Yeah, I was a mess.” Tommy finally sought treatment after too many incidents occurred and it got to be too much. “I remember asking if I could bring my guitar. I think after I finally got a yes from the facility, I said fine, I’m in.”
After a short time at one facility in Texas, he checked into another in California. After several months he moved to work on a cattle ranch in Montana. Followed by moving back to Texas and working in the stockyards and playing music. He would have to go back to California for treatment again a year or so later. He worked as a ranch manager out in California after getting sober again, and got back into rodeo and riding bulls which has always been his second passion next to music. After getting his life back on track, he decided home is home and that’s where he needed to be despite his previous track record.
One of the first things he wanted to do after finally getting his life somewhat stable and being back in Fort Worth was get into a recording studio. “I remember talking to Bart Rose at Fort Worth Sound a couple years back while I was in California. I got ahold of him again and he referred me to Tanner Landry at Fort Worth Sound Studio B. I told him, I don’t have a band at the moment, but I’ve got some songs I want to get recorded.” And that he did. Although Tommy Dussault hasn’t had the strongest local presence throughout the years, due to jumping states and towns and dealing with his own battles, one thing is certain - within his time back in Fort Worth so far, people are taking notice. Why this time? He has remained sober over two and half years and has no desire to take a drink or jeopardize all he has worked for. His music and songwriting has matured. The reality is, his music career is just starting to unfold finally. With his November 2014 debut digital release of the single “Simple Girl” and a five song EP entitled “Morgan Mill” coming out in March, he is here to stay this time.
“Music has helped save my life. Whether they are fun songs, sad songs, hopeful, whatever kind of song it might be I can say I write the truth. My truth. Sometimes it’s things I don’t know how to say so I just put it in a song, my life experiences, and hell sometimes it’s just well.. Simple.”

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