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pinksideofthemoon / Bio

pinksideofthemoon darkmatter remix ep

a 6 song remix of the recordings from their debut album pinksideofthemoon remixed by John Fryer.

For over 30 years, John Fryer has been working as a producer. His discography runs deep with dozens of albums, singles and remixes, involving everyone from Depeche Mode to the Cocteau Twins to Nine Inch Nails, and most recently, pinksideofthemoon.
With a bonus track mixed by Paul Barker who is the former bass guitarist, producer, engineer with the industrial band Ministry with Branden Harper using his arsenal of rare mid-century vintage drums with cutting edge analog electronics.

the pinksideofthemoon are not a part of a movement or a type of collective or category the sound is a unique blend of electronica and traditional song styles.
Not just music but an audio destination is a way to define the pinksideofthemoon.

the music combines Jolee's magnetic vocal's and atmospheric lyrics with Lee’s acclaimed recording techniques and musical skills to create a timeless recording.With standout tracks like "thistown, lost in space and ann landers" look for pinksideofthemoon to be a major force in the electronica landscape for years to come.

“Have become addicted to this graceful, indelible, music, need it like a astronaut needs oxygen. Would soothe the heart, captivate the mind and move the feet of the most determined alien invader”

“Good to see your song "ANN LANDERS" here! Another belter from one of the most remarkable new albums I've heard all year. " - A force of nature that still raises goosebumps at every listen”

“Always a cosmic voyage of discovery listening to your fantastic rhythms and accompanied by exquisite vocals that hold the interlocking key to time travel,The Pink Side Of The Moon are sound pioneers of musical exploration... ”

"this town gets me down when you're not around"..immediate knockback to Bobby Bland's "ain't no love in the heart of the city" and the piano bassline riff is heavily reminescent of Tears for Fears..so there is a fine funk/pop pedigree with this song. Across alll the tunes, vocals are superb and production tight and detailed. It's an informed and entertaining experience. PinkSide are the New Dark!! MikeWhitePresents

“'Keep on Dancin': top top tune. Echoes Tricky; a little aural bump and grind happening here people. Diiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttty (and flirty). Excellent track. skinnycandy ”

“These guys produce some of the most perfectly crafted and sublime ambient tunes bar none, we're lost in space but strangely we feel right at home”
“my ears are having a great space odyssey across your songs.. loving the trip hop jazzy cosmic vibe you have created.””

“Nice spaced out grooves. Lost is space is what I to listen to when I am cruising the solar system on a rogue asteroid. Pluto may you revolve in peace, uh if you are a space geek like me that makes perfect sense.”

Produced by Lee and Jolee Popa
Executive Producer, Virginia Elwood-Akers
Mixed by Lee Popa ( Tool, Ministry, White Zombie)

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Lee&Jolee Popa
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Electronica / Trip-Hop / pinksideofthemoon

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Portland, OR