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Arthur Craft jr / Press

“Art keep up the good jams man”

Billy - Billy

“Man you sound real good. If someone don't pick you up then it's their lost”

Billy - Billy

“I have visited your numberonemusic and myspace site today and I really enjoyd your music!! i'm not using myspace too often but you can reach me by email anytime. Please, keep me updated i will listen to all your music keep up the wonderful work!”

Chris 1900 - Chris 1900

“Hey WOW, did you do the vocals on this as well? Awesome job; what a polished song. It's reeeallly catchy and I could hear this on the radio. Nice to meet a fellow music maker!”



“I love your song Arthur and wish you all the luck. And Thanks for the free downloads of your songs your to cool”

Tracey38 - Tracy38

“You are an awesome artist!”

“Yeah, HUGE sound! Nice composition and licks. How about posting your lyrics too?”

dillon@songramp.com - dillon

“I like the way it sound, I can dig this. And i tell you right now if I had the money I would put you out there..The song marygoround,When i say i love you,Paying Bills are the ones i like very much. If I get the money up i will email you..Keep it real Big daddy T”

Todd - Big daddy T

“HUGE sound coming out of my speakers...dig it!”

RJC - RJC@songramp

“Interesting take on a widely used title idea. I have a song called "Mary Goes Around" which is a folk song and plays off the merry-go-round concept. I like your overall production. Cool tune too! Cheers and Twangs! T-Bob”

T-Bob - telebob@songramp

“Nice arrangement and nice playing too. ”

Jerry - jbthegeezer@songramp

“I really enjoy thi tune. Well done! Great lyric, great melody, great vocal. Thanks for sharing....”

Rick Hall - rhallcne@songramp

“I believe you are an awesome person as well as a singer.. Kudos to you for having the courage to persue your dreams....”