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Art Bell / Press

“Mari Jensen Being a sound person as well as a vocalist/percussionist, as I always do whenever I see someone doing a cover of a great tune, I don't watch the players for the first time. Instead I do this: l-i-s-t-e-n to the tune, then I go back and see the artists. I'm just loving how I can hear the snare & high-hat, no overpowering bass drum. Bass guitar is so well blended too, it's hugging the drums as it should, and the guitar volume is spot on! The vocals are good although if it was me, I'd give it just a tad more volume when needed. Great job on this tune kids. Posolutely absotively dig it”

“LEGZ! Had my headphones on loud! wow,hits you right in the gut. Brilliant guitar work, compliments to the bass player (MAJESTIC) blew me away. Very good mixing and arrangements. Guitars are very elegant and ole style strumming/picking. Short and melodic guitar solos. BRILLIANT, pleasantly surprised.”

Amy Dames - via Facebook (speaking of LEGZ)

"you have some good sounds and i enjoy your music i try to listen to them before i turn in at night, i love your voice all your music is amazing"

Linda Biello - via Facebook

“You are a very fine guitar player. and i know music...one hell of a player. who is your bookend agent? i have a friend in L.A i wont her to hear your stuff. kerri francis she is on face-book. friend her and tell her you are my friend. and lets see whats goes. don”

Don Hursey - via Facebok (speaking of "Soul With A Capital S"

“LOL btw Art, your gtr work is amazing and brilliant, glad you are here”

Chris Camiolo - via Facebook (speaking of "The Wind Cries Mary")

“This is what "LIVE" is all about.....Tremdous talents in the band man...awesome bros...Hell yeas'... thx for the gift....!~”

"Yea Art, you are very, very smooth which is quite refreshing. Saw your clip @ DD with Bill Hanna; wow! I'm from Charlotte and always like to stay close to the Charlotte musicians. I used to play with "Grub" Thornburg when he live down here in MB. Small world. Have a great day Art."

Charlie Suggs - Facebook


Marcello Bonzagni - Facebook


Mitu Sorrin - via Facebook

“Good stuff, Art.”

Larry Briggs - via Facebook

“For this reviewer, the vocals and guitar work of Charlotte based musician Art Bell channels effectively the best aspects of the work of singer-songwriter J.J. Cale. J.J. Cale, composer of "After Midnight and Cocaine", has been one of Eric Clapton's greatest influences. There is a smoky, subtle quality to Bell's vocals that recall Cale and a guitar style that echoes some of the best work of Clapton, SRV and Hendrix. Of the 15 tracks on Bell's "Roof Top Parker", 9 were written or co-written by Art Bell. Bell's songs are well crafted and well played. Even more impressive is the fact that with the exception of Bob Enos on drums, all of the instruments featured on "Roof Top Parker" are played by Art Bell. The lyrics of the songs are witty, especially on ""Facebook Fix", which states "It doesn'ft cost me a bit, won''t you give me a click" and effectively serve the theme and thrust of Bell''s songs.”

“Grande Art Bell !!!! Seus Portugues é perfeito, estou muito feliz pela publicação, ... Isso é incrivel, amei!!!!! Obrigado pelo carinho da nossa amizade..Grande Paixão- Música”

Marize Bodini - facebook

“Excelente material..Lo termine de escuchaar A lo Stevie Ray Vaughan! Me encanto, 10 stars Maestro! Exitos!”

Cristian Ifràn - facebook

“The blues genre and form is omnipresent, and like a womb it has nurtured and given birth to distinct genres and subgenres—urban styles, delta blues, Chicago blues and boogie-woogie, to name a few. Many musicians are known to play a form, or a subgenre, that has spawned from the blues, but very rarely do you stumble across a true blues musician, like Art Bell, who embodies the genre and form of the blues in its entirety. Nicole Pietrantonio - Corset”

“Ta musique a un petit coté french ! dans la profondeur ! avec note! oriantal ! on parlera plus tard ART avec plaisir ! !musique et plus si tu veux ? je sors la ! a +! ”

Patrice Barel - facebook

“You are amazing... loved the guitar harmonies. I enjoy just about anything with a latin flavor and this was enjoyable. Not an easy feat track by track so I'm appreciative of your efforts and willingness to share your gifted accomplishments! PS: Why are you here and not in L.A., NY or Nashville?!?!?! ;-) ”

Jim Stanton - facebook

“TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE! Not an easy one to cover, in an authentic way like this. WOW!!! You are my hero (all over again)!!!”

Jody Page (speaking of White Wedding) - facebook

“Nice work Art! Tasty licks with finese on the guitar. I'd remix a bit with the piano accompaniment a tad underneath your work on the guitar. I don't know why but I'm hearing vibes in the background carrying the song bed a bit more. Again, nice job. Thanks for sharing! ”

Phil Milhoan - facebook

“If at least one bodily limb is not moving in rhythm on this, you're dead. Owwwwww!!!! Great groove.”

Jeff Goodall - facebook