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Zombie Apocalypse NOW! / Press

"[Jay Stuart] will say that the band's fight against a "very real undead menace" carries no metaphorical significance, but in a world increasingly dominated by Disney-manufactured pop acts, few would refute his claim that we really could use more anti-zombie music."

"What do you get when a bunch of guys awaiting zombies to take over the world decide to form a band to protect mankind from the hordes? A fast and hard-hitting album by the boys of Zombie Apocalypse NOW!"

"The first time I saw Zombie Apocalypse NOW!, Jay Stuart stepped to the microphone after the first song and said “How many of you have a racist parent?”. About 30 minutes later, I was digging the music and had my fair share of laughs from the hilarious, stream-of-consciousness banter between this Frontman and his guitarist Travis Stickel."

"Kalamazoo’s one and only “Anti-Zombie” rock band..."