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Antigone Rising / Press

“But some may not immediately realize that [one of the women on the Time Magazine cover] Kristen Henderson is also one of the founding members of all-female country rock band Antigone Rising. It turns out the band had been recording in fellow band member Nini Camps home recording studio, also located in Sea Cliff, just a few blocks away from the Ellis-Henderson home, when Henderson had to figure out what to wear to the shoot in Manhattan. So she ended up wearing Camps's pants. "They said I had to wear something khaki or light gray or neutral colored," Henderson explains. "I am in a rock band, I don't have anything like that. But Nini was wearing some tan cords, and she's small, so I didn't think they'd fit, but I tried." "I feel represented," Camps says, explainging that her wife walked into the studio while they were still changing clothes and she was still in her underwear. "But my pants looked really good on her." As Henderson went on to explain on her blog...”

“As bass guitarist for the all-female band Antigone Rising, Kristen Ellis-Henderson did have that famous rock-star fantasy of being on the cover of "Rolling Stone," but TIME Magazine called first. Ellis-Henderson and her wife, Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson, appear on the April 8 cover of TIME, with a callout that reads, "Gay Marriage Already Won," the magazine's response to the Supreme Court hearings happening this week on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). TIME contacted them a week ago, asking if they would be interested in posing for the cover. The couple, who've published a book about their simultaneous pregnancies, blog for the Huffington Post and are the go-to couple for GLAAD (Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) are accustomed to media attention. They immediately said yes. The photo editor asked them to wear grays, beiges and whites. As a guitarist in a rock band, Ellis-Henderson doesn't own anything remotely neutral. "We had to go shopping at the Gap.”

“Folk-pop rock group Antigone Rising has been recording since 1993, with Kristen Henderson at the helm. Since their debut album She's Gone a Little Mad in 1996, the band has been through multiple line-up changes, but bassist/vocalist Kristen and her sister Cathy on guitar have been mainstays, assuring the group's signature sound would remain.”