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Anthony Payton / Press

“You are one of the most talented unknown musicians I have ever heard in my life. I loved your rendition of Stevie Wonder's song "All Is Fair In Love". You keep this up and you're make Brian McKnight jealous. Hoped you approached or were approached by a few record labels. Talent this good cannot go to waste. Too many of our superstar musicians are dying off. We need new blood to replace them(no disrespect intended).”

“Amazing Voice!”


“That Good Music, and a Amazing voice!!!”

“Love it boo! Had it on my playlist and haven't gotten to it in awhile. Forgot how much I love that song :)”

“The first word that I uttered when I heard the first line of the song was WOW! You're very good man. I like your rendition and you're voice is very suitable to the song. ^_^”

“Superb rendition Anthony.........Would like to here your vocal levels raised a bit in this one.”

“Anthony I can't stop listening to your music, keep doing what you are doing brother, and i know you will go far”

“I don't even comment or nothing on people's music but Anthony ive been following for a while and in my opinion has one of the greatest voices in the past decade in Rnb/soul, close behind Donell Jones. What a talent”

“that right there is da ssssssssssshit............. Please plug in your earphones press play and close your eyes and listen to this man sing......... smooth as mother f@*kin silk”

“Anthony bro, from London, please keep them coming. Eric Benet and Brian McKnight are two of my favourite artists and you are an inspiration that epitomises what modern day music is missing- Real understanding of how notes are hit and how real music is interpreted.”

“Anthony, your voice endearingly touches my soul! How refreshing to hear! Please keep it coming!”

ateammom03 - Reverbnation

“Your voice captivated me this morning at 630am and hearing you sing "you mean so much to me" gave a little bit of hope that someone out there loves like I do so please continue to sing from your heart”

Serenleah78 - Reverbnation Fan

“Honestly Bro, You Mean So Much To Me is a TUNE and you have mad VOCAL TALENT !!!!”

Alan Sutherland - Reverbnation

“Anthony, your voice endearingly touches my soul! How refreshing to hear! Please keep it coming!”

Ateammom3 - Reverbnation

“Amazing, he gives me goosebumpsThe Piano man is the sweetest most down to earth guy I've ever chatted with. He's talented, handsome and kind. His music warms my heart and makes me feel uplifted. ”

danita - CD Baby

“Moving, pulls at your heart strings Anthony's talent has developed into something more amazing then I could of ever imagined from when he used to play piano for me in high school. His songs are honest, and from the heart. When I listed to Everlasting Love I feel like he is singing just to me.”

Natalie - CD Baby

“wow.. what an amazing cd The cd is amazing... the words pull at your heart and touch your soul.. looking forward to the next one”

Unknown - CD Baby

“A. P. has beautiful sound. If this business was not mostly about who you know- he would and should be in everyones cd player This man does not only sing, he writes, produces, and anything else possible. He is definitely a sleeper in the music industry.”

Eric Cox - CD Baby

“This CD is smooth, great to listen any time.I am playing the cd rt now. Every song give you a whole different feeling/just feeling love all again. It's like you are going some of the things again. Thanks for sharing your music with me/take care keep writing. ”

Vanessa - CD Baby

“I have heard clips from the songs and heard a few of the full versions. and I am going to buy it as soon as my paycheck comes in. This music is amazing, romantic,soft & sexy. I can't wait to get it.It's heavenly!! Keep them popping out!! Wonderful job”

Jeni - CD Baby

“My CD was here in no time and it's my favorite! I had a cook out this weekend and played the CD, my friends loved it!!!! Anthony Payton has the most talent I have heard in a long time. Keep it coming! ”

Christina Wakefield - CD Baby

“This man is an incredible talent and deserves to have great success. What are you waiting for??? You've heard the snippets, you've read his biog, now buy his CD, you wont be disappointed”

Hazel - CD Baby

“superbly sexy!- What can I say other than WOW! Having already heard snippets and a couple of the tunes on myspace, I was desperate to buy Anthony's CD..... and I was not disappointed. Chocolatey smooth voice that just oozes over you and makes you feel good inside.”

Hazel - CD Baby

“FABULOUS!! I just finished listening to "Is This Love" for the first time and already know it is among my very favorite discs of all-time. has a smooth, soothing melodic voice, a true auditory pleasure. I own hundreds of CDs and can honestly say this is one of the best I've ever heard.”

Vicki Allen - CD Baby

“AWSOME- I love this Cd. Every song plays like he crawled in my head and wrote music to my soul... ”

NIcole Brocks - CD Baby

“u are so hot u rock- luv wat i was hering an i would luv 2 here more very soon keep up tha good work cuz u doing yah thang fareal ”

T-T - CD Baby

“WOW- Anthony is a cut above the others. Truly a talented somgwriter and singer. This is the kind of cd you leave in your player on repeat for months. I would give my eye teeth to work with an artist of this caliber. ”

Amy Lee - CD Baby

“Great cd very happy- This music is the most beautiful music i have heard in a very long time.You have an amazing voice which makes it easy listening.”

Jonte - CD Baby

“After I sampled your voice I couldn't wait to get your CD. It was well worth the wait. I loved every track (especially track 3). Can't wait for your next CD. Again, excellent job.”

Didi - CD Baby

“You're amazing bro!! All the way from holland, Sem ”

Sem - CD Baby

“very romanic,soft,exciting- i think is very romanic every womans dream .the feeling he puts into his music is unbeleivable the excitng feeling it gives keep it up Anthony ”

Brenda Martin - CD Baby

“Anthony Payton has a very unique voice. No one sings "Everlasting Love" like he does. I will cherish this CD forever. ”