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Annelise Collette / Press

“New York-based singer/songwriter Annelise Collette offers a triptych to both the bright lights of clubland and the dimmer steamy hue of downtown, in debut full-length release “Out Of This World.” The electro-pop/dubstep artist delivers an ingenious palette of sing-along melodies and inspired, inventive production, with acclaimed arranger, mixer, engineer and producer Stefan Moessle at the controls. As a Musical Theater graduate of the University of Florida and the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Collette is anything but a twirling dance diva; throughout “World,” her vocals shine with the savvy of a seasoned pro featuring lyrics about love, loss, lust and the inner workings of the mind amid the search for such. Collette’s star shines with effervescence across the whole of “Out Of This World.” Along with producer Stefan Moessle this potent power couple has all potential to not only shine with “Out Of This World,” but to own it. Full Review at link below.”

“ANNELISE COLLETTE, “Waiting For” Miami-bred, New York-based singer/songwriter Annelise Collette conjures a novel approach for her dreamy, kaleidoscopic mesh of Electro-Pop and Dubstep. In single “Waiting For,” the New World School of the Arts graduate’s vocals reach toward the clouds as she sings of searching for a soulmate: “I never wanted much from life, I had nothing that could claim me/And then there’s you, the one that could finally save me.” Surrounding her solid harmonics, a frenetic frazzle of beats, bass and electronica undulate their way across the dancefloor, creating an instrumental palette that chugs along with chaotic urgency. As a Musical Theater graduate from the University of Florida, Collette—and producer Stefan Moessle—bring plenty of drama to “Waiting For,” a track as apropos for club-land as it is for an A-list feature flick.—Chuck Taylor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Taylor_(writer_and_editor) ”

Chuck Taylor - Private Music Reviewer (Former Billboard Magazine writer)

“Annelise Collette's single, YOU, is a chart topper if I've ever heard one. Recently licensed by MTV/VH1 and Logo TV, this song is an electronic pop explosion that is very comparable to Rihanna, Ke$ha and Gaga without being a carbon copy of these artists' unique sounds. In an industry where almost every female artist sounds the same, Annelise is creating her own identity; gaining my immediate respect for her contribution to today's music industry. I would recommend this song to everyone who is a fan of Top 40 pop/dance music. If you're looking for the next big thing in popular mainstream music, check out Annelise's new single, YOU, and show your support by purchasing the song to help this awesome young singer keep creating hot music. ”

“Modern pop meets the best of the old girls groups, all rolled into one beautiful young lady. A rising star for sure!”

Phoenix - Portland, OR

“Pop & RB soloist twist - from one classy lady!”

JCHeights.com - Everything Jersey City Festival

“This is one of the things I missed about Folk-Rock. A hard hitting love ballad that does not pull it's punches. Annelise holds nothing back. She is all spirit at 220 volts. I am waiting, eagerly, for some new songs. Still, this song, alone is worth the price of admission. ”

Ari Blumenfield - Hollywood, Florida