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Animal Train / Press

“yep it is up yur arse old skool punk rock”

Ben There - The Wizzle News

“dez punx are insane”

a bar fly - ramdon

“Ideally what I seek within the punk world wide weave is a noise that is raw, unaffected and yet still grasps onto a primeval melody that intoxicates the inner primitive rhythm. Any band that can pull off this tricky concoction get my backing all the way albeit a very rare occasion when they do. The first few listens to Animal Train had me eager to assess, and the initial balanced grime added to my interest and general enjoyment.....this band have a bog standard EP on their hands that pulls no punches, doesn't try to create a musical philosophy and is as straight as the day is long. Get off yer high horses and drop out, tone it down and listen to what punk is like by regular dudes given the chance to have a go. Punk is for everyone - embrace it fuckers. I like this and I can't see why you shouldn't too - get real, stay real and eat it real. ”

“Animal Train's new CD "Chicken Burn" cries a 77 yell with no pop stars, & no concessions to plain old rock n roll, it is unapologetic, fierce and idealistic & its what we like. The strangulation of creative culture by the mainstream & brain dead marketing managers have left the music industry producing vocalizer & harmonized trashed cabbage. Bands like Animal Train have brilliantly proved that playing music with a sense of wild anxiety a political edge & this adherence to all that was great about the punk and garage rock can actually work by cleansing it all & starting over.”