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Angie Lym / Press

“Angie Lym (tiga dari kiri) optimis mampu pergi jauh dalam industri seni.”

Utusan Malaysia

“Indie artistes set to rock the stage include Monoloque, OAG, Republic Of Brickfields, Subculture, Phunk Mob, Tashya’s Ink, An Honest Mistake, Azure For Janne, Silvergun Superman, Angie Lym & Crew, HWC, BobTheSausage, Bliz, Johny Comes Lately and Instake. ”

“Also set to take the stage are the talents who have made the cut from recent Open AloudAsia auditions namely Angie Lym,...”

“Best Female Overall & Best Collaboration Nominees”

“PETALING JAYA: Apart from the many activities taking place at FemmeCity, visitors will be entertained by two street buskers. Performing on the “streets” and at the Piazza, will be Daymien Nathan and Angie Lym who will sing in two 10-minute sessions between 1pm and 3.30pm tomorrow and Sunday respectively. Meanwhile, fans of model-actor Alan Yun, 32, can meet him on Sunday. The star – who is CloveMan “coverguy” in the August issue of Clove on Sunday – will be at FemmeCity’s Lads Lounge at 3pm for an informal meet-the-fans session.”

“Like most teenagers, Angie Lym grew up listening to music, but with a twist. Her listening materials didn’t just stay put with pop but went on to include a wide appreciation of genres, from rock to jazz, blues and funk. The exposure to the myriad of genres has influenced her songs, from acoustic jazz-pop piece ‘Someday’ to the rocking tunes of ‘MYOB’. Songwriting for her started at the age of 14, her discovered passion for songwriting winning over her dislike of writing. But the final ingredient in the mix was receiving her first guitar from her late uncle a year later. This was the start of her path of being not only a songwriter, but a singer and performer. ‘I believe that every accomplishment starts with a dream. And every dream is built on strength, faith, and courage. So dare to dream! BE A DREAMER and let your dreams explode. Don't let them dry up like that old raisin in the sun’”