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Andy Shearer (Guitarist/Composer) / Press

"Tribal Matters" is a wonderful musical gem! Splendid musical composition, outstanding instrumentals! Best wishes!

"Something for the Weekend" is an excellent musical treasure! A beautiful gem! Wonderful musical composition, outstanding instrumental !

“Love the production on 'Eastern Dream'. Beautiful !”

“I'm going to have 'Waterloo Sunset' echoing in my head for quite some time, quite gorgeous.”

“Great composition, a nice mix of jazz, blues & classical in just about every song. Rock on !”

“You and your band remind me of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Nice!”

“The complexity of your music is sweetened deliciously by direct, arrow-sharp melody line that holds the tapestry together beautifully.”

“So good to hear someone with this level of guitar talent, nice work Andy !”

“Su música y very beautiful. Great work !”

“Enjoyed 'Something For The Weekend' so much that I had to play it twice! Always glad to listen when you have a new song to post. Best wishes! K. C. Beckmann”

“Loving this sound you make. Absolutely GREAT TALENT!!!!!!”

“A great mix of styles and wonderful instrumentation. Brilliant musicianship. Your guitar playing in "November Rose" is absolutely beautiful.”

“Superb array of styles here and delivered beautifully.”

“Your great songs has different verve tunes sounds created with the mixture of classical instruments as you're a great musician. You made my dainty heart to embrace your originality.”

“So wonderful to hear so many unique styles in each song.. Never let them label you! Thank you for sharing your gift! Our pleasure!”

“You speak from the heart to a needy world wreathing in pain. How welcome here you are. May you shine everywhere...... a fan.”

“'Hearts' Desires' by Andy Shearer has been chosen as album of the month for December 2013.”

“'Hearts' Desires' CD by Andy Shearer - encompassing wide and varied, and beyond.”

“You are quite prolific in your writing and varied in your styles. I particularly liked 'November Rose'. It is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your music.”

“Hi Andy. Your music is very unique,wonderful, romantic and awesome !.....Totally enjoyed it.”

“I love 'Arrival' - totally my speed. Love 'Coleraine' too. I can almost see rain and mist, muted lavender and grey.”

“I enjoyed checking out your music, especially enjoyed "Something For The Weekend".”

“'November Rose' is very Floydesque with soothing tones and beautifully haunting melodies that take you to a distant shore of the soul that is both melancholic yet beautiful at the same time.”

“Very nice guitar work on your 'Hearts' Desires' album! You are a multi-talented.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE November Rose! Totally my vibe lately. Excited to share your journey.”

“'November Rose' is an exquisite instrumental and a great composition !”

“Very unique tracks...great atmosphere ! It´s my pleasure to meet you.”

“Beautifully lyrical compositions with soul filled playing.”

“Andy, I really like your music. Great guitar playing man ! "Something For The Weekend" is an awesome song and a nice mashup of folk and modern sounds !”

“Love your sound ! Guitar is amazing !”

“Listened to your top five...love the melodic and relaxing ARRIVAL, the folk influence on DOODLEBUG, the Banjo on SOMETHING..but in particular digging the outstanding NOVEMBER ROSE...fantastic guitar which touches my heart....”

“Ha brilliant! 'Something For the Weekend' sounds vaguely like a Mike Oldfield TV theme, which I mean as the highest possible compliment. I can vaguely imagine Simon Groom walking the Ridgeway to an Avebury Stone Circle off the back of that. Great track!”

“These are very nice compositions. 'Salvadore' is one of my favourites and I will be listening again.”

“Thoroughly enjoying your song "Something for the Weekend". It sounds like much fun and enjoyment is on the way !”

“Excellent start in our new Roots North Festival venue in Hinderwell, North Yorkshire, including "some stunning guitar from Andy Shearer, particularly his John Fahey pieces".”

“Your music is a joyous and brings great delight !”

“Love the, "Arrival". Always love moving songs and especially clean, clear guitar work. Great Song Music and Playing”

“Wonderful compositions, really great. Glad to be a fan”

“I love the harmonics on the intro to 'Arrival' and the sound of your guitar is so unique, almost like a clavichord. Very nice.”

“Beautiful colourful melodies - makes me smile.”

“Lovely acoustic work ! Beautiful sound.”

"Moments To Love" and "Arrival" show a beauty of musicianship and writing to behold. Also liked your videos, success to you and your music always.

“Such a great vibe to Andy's music. Love the folk style.”

“I really enjoyed your songs! They sound so happy, awesome and just so much fun! Makes you want to get up and dance.”

"Coleraine" is outstanding ! Impeccable work, sound and ambiance - Take care, Pete.

“Love this music, Andy. Very laid back and relaxing. True talent in every note. Thank you for letting us listen.”

“Love your guitar playing, there's lots of feeling in it.”

“Stung Again ~ Excellent piece that conjures up The Sting!!”

“Those of us out here in the country are just kickin' back listenin' to Andy Shearer's grooves on a lazy Sunday night.”

“Humbling good guitar work from a real six string genius !”

“Great music! Great sound! Great performances!”

“You are quite the master of multiple styles. I am really digging "Stung Again" which is a great ragtime piece !!”

“Enjoyed your music! Great talent! Thank you for sharing it!”

“Waterloo Sunset is playing... such beautiful guitar work.”

“Hi Andy..great playing on Whistlin Rufus........Good Luck ......Morgan”

“Awesome guitar work! You sound amazing. Keep up the good work. Much love from Ukraine.”

“Whistlin' Rufus playing as I write. Great playing and lovely tune. Awe the best fae Bonnie Scotland, Roy.”

“had a listen to " Whistlin' Rufus " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, fine guitar work, and acoustic style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!”

“Dear Andy, My dear wonderful friend. So beautiful music, Light up my heart. Sending peace & love always Ryo,”

“great and fun music here”

“My ears are happy to experience ur art :) I'm glad to share the world of music with u! Thank you for joining my circle on Reverbnation :) Lets also connect on Facebook! I'm at www.Facebook.com/darkryjin U can add a link to your music on my page if you like so my fans can see as well! Be Blessed”

“The guitar work here is nothing short of outstanding. Absolutly killer style and technique. Would love to catch a live show !!”