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Ancient River / Press

"…Ancient River are one of the most creative bands in their genre."

““...Shoegaze meets retro audio stimulation, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club dipped in the haze of a mid-Seventies summer.”


““O.D.D.S - The psychedelic elements of the album are not overshadowed by its roots in the blues. Nearly every song has a riff that makes you bite your lip and groove, especially the Jimi Hendrix-inspired “Actions Speak Louder.””


" . . . moments of pure bliss."


““Alternately spacey and corrosive, Ancient River seems at one with Bay Area revivalists the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and to an even greater extent, anti-flower children Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound.””


““...Shoegaze meets retro audio stimulation, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club dipped in the haze of a mid-Seventies summer."”

"Ancient River is the brainchild of James Barreto, grown out of the swamplands of Gainesville, Florida. They have done extensive touring across the states and beyond, including two appearances at Austin Psych Fest and playing last year’s Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, plus dates throughout London which was working with Bad Vibrations. They released a nice bag of albums and as James told us Neil Young is his major influence and we can really hear the tasty Young's riffs through their music. Ancient River are one of the most creative bands in their genre." Klemen Breznikar

“It’s always fun to pick up free music, but even better when that free album turns out to be damn good. I picked up Ancient River’s Let It Live from a “FREE CD’S!” bin in a record store tent at the Austin Psych Fest. I’m glad I did. Let It Live is a strong record of neo-psychedelia, shoegaze, Wall of Sound, and flat-out rock. “What Goes Round,” the album’s opener, is a great amuse bouche of solid rock that prepares you for a great time. “As the World Burns” is, I’m guessing, an amazing live track when you consider how good it is on CD. “Let’s Breed” is either a creepy stalker song or the best song for hardcore sex I’ve heard in a long time. Want pure psychedelic rock? Don’t worry; “All My Friends” will make you think these Floridians built a recorder that can access tiny wormholes in space and time that reach the Haight-Ashbury intersection circa 1968. I love bands that sprinkle instrumentals among their tracks with vocals, and Ancient River”

“I have spoken about Florida's Ancient River in the past (see here and here), and they are just releasing 'I'm Waiting For The Light'. This track plays like an amalgam of Black Angels (circa Passover)and Black Mountain (self-titled era) - two of my favourite bands, as you might well know - and the song is quite possibly the best thing I have heard them commit to tape yet. The video by White Vintage Vinyl is typically swirly and slightly spun-out, but it's the song itself that's the selling point. Get into the grind.”

“‘Ancient River’, aptly heralded by mystic drone of a Dj track, singer enigmatically framed by sunlit open door, dark shades and tousled rampant locks redolent of Morrison, eyes black holes, coolly, nonchalantly flows , takes the floor, to drugged up drubbing beat, sleazy drawling growl subsumed in wall of sound distortion, wafted with heady analogue synth breeze. Unrelentingly doom laden, hypnotised sway, laconic lizard lost in dark inner space, hazed, slipping down the snake, psychotic psychedelic, picking up brighter bluesy note, as sun sets in golden glow, sinking into despondent doldrums as dusk dawns.”