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Amsterdam Station / Press

“The apocalypse is nigh! The zombie apocalypse, that is. With the advent of the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, zombie culture has taken over. Many people are taking part of this zombie movement—from indie to mainstream, the undead are ubiquitous. Bands like Atlanta’s Amsterdam Station are jamming to—and killing— Zombies (see video below), and even 5K races are joining in on the fun. The Run For Your Lives is a 5K obstacle race where you not only run against the clock, but from the “brain-hungry, virus-spreading zombies.” Zombies are inescapable now, and in the wake of All Hallow’s Eve, one must fear for his life—happy survival!”

““With the meat and potatoes of the band being of Southern Folk and American Rock n' Roll, fused with the fashion of 90's alternative, the flare of modern rock, and a dash of metal, Amsterdam Station strives to feed your senses with a musical symposium and live performance that will satisfy your hunger.””

Marshall Seese - CEO of Mowgli, Inc makers of Songster.

“Local Atlanta Rock band Amsterdam Station joins us in the studio! Their music is inspired by 90's Rock, and blues infused folk, and is focused around thoughtful lyrics, focused and tight harmonies, and melodic hooks. We had a good time with these guys, Enjoy, and... "Be Prepared".”