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“In other local news, American Wrecking Company has a brand new EP out called Force (x) Mass (=) Acceleration, and jeez does it rip! Masterful production from the fine folks at Pacific Studios makes this local CD really stand out. When I heard the first track, "Collapsed," the song was so fast and brutal I thought the CD was skipping. Nope! The band was just getting the shredding thrash going with new vocalist T.J. (Ex-De-KreP-iT), who really surprised me. I can actually understand what he's saying! And boy is he pissed! "New Birth" is a great breakup song - the polar opposite of sappy. "Start a War," "Vicious" and "Invaded" continue the assault, reminding me a bit of the debut Slipknot CD, without the crappy rap-rock elements and double the rage and fury. Pick up this CD and find out for yourself. ”