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“American Standards EP 'Still Life' transcends genres and paves the way for a new sound in heavy music. While traces of American Standards influences can be tied back to bands such as Refused, Glassjaw, Every Time I Die and The Chariot, the album as a whole is a refreshingly innovative piece of art that will have a lasting impact.”

“In 1998 the iconic Swedish hardcore punk band Refused begged for it, in 2011 we finally start to hear the response. New Noise. American hardcore band American Standards has managed to bring a fresh spin on a genre that had become increasingly riddled with cookie cutter breakdowns and empty messages.”

“Whether by choice or happenstance, in 2013 American Standards remained as one if the largest underground bands yet to break the surface. The bands latest album, "The Death of Rhythm and Blues" however is sure to make the top 10 year end list of any hardcore, punk or metal DIY zine blogger.”

“American Standards deliver a fight-ending blow to the system—both as a band, and as promoters of community interaction.”

“Sounds that will strike post-hardcore conditioned ears as contemporary, but with a huge and obvious respect for the old school of hardcore punk, with a Black Flag style creativity to their arrangements. Raw, ragged, angry and highly accomplished, this is a great blast of punk attitude from a 21st century shotgun. Recommended. ”

“For local hardcore band American Standards, performing isn't just about the music, it's about making an impact on the community.”