Amanda Markley / Press

"I can only hope Amanda Markley has more tracks like this masterpiece ("COLD") in the works, and doesn't trade in heart for fake pop magic anytime soon." ~Brandon Flores, founder of Blast Out Your Stereo

““First Class Kiss” has radio mainstream all over it, so don’t be surprised if you hear the track coming through your local radio station anytime soon, and if it doesn’t, than I highly suggest you give this song a push, it will be well worth it.”

"This rising star possesses that rare combination of artistry, musicianship and vocal ability - traits that clearly shine through on this excellent collection of songs."

"Once in a while someone appears who truly takes my breath away. It was an honour to play you yesterday, had great facebook feedback, if you are ever awake or around next time please join us." ~James Crowther Reading4U Community Radio Station UK