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Alunah / Press

"Next up were one of Birmingham’s brightest bands at the moment, Alunah. It is with a degree of hesitation that I brand these doom fiends as ‘bright’, but some of their uplifting melodies and weighty deliveries have the spirit and ambience that makes your spine tingle. Vocalist Soph has a natural presence and easy charm that transmits well to the audience with opener ‘Call of Avernus’ immediately persuading a few more in the crowd to take a couple of steps forward. This was the first Alunah gig for new bass player Dan but such were his confidence levels that he appeared to slot seamlessly into the line-up. The Brummies have been busy across Europe playing to some big festival crowds but being knocked off your feet by their blackened waves of despair within the intimate surroundings of the Asylum 2 allows you to get a hot blast of their incessant crushing power at close quarters. Raw emotion drips through the pores of ‘White Hoarhound’, with Soph’s voice at its bleakest,

"Birmingham’s very own Alunah are very much the go-to band when a well-known stoner group comes to town. It’s easy to see why. Their down tuned Sabbath type grooves have been honed over the years, and songs such the title track of their most recent album “White Hoarhound” arguably deserve a bigger stage. Since we last saw the band in January - when perhaps predictably they opened for The Sword in January - they have undergone a line up change. Tonight is their first show with their new bass player and not even some initial poor sound can spoil their half an hour."

"Unlike other occult-themed bands I had the pleasure to listen to lately,Alunah are less focused on the mystical side of the lyrics, and are more Earth inspired."Belial Fjord" is opened by tribal percussions and yet again defines what Alunah's sound is about: epic and masterfully crafted doom. Lovers of doom/psychedelic music will absolutely enjoy this record, its slowpaced tempos, the vintage production and the lysergic riffs"

"Straightforward Black Sabbath worship with equally straightforward songs and fine emotional moments, a timeless piece"

“Adding retro groove to doom-laden,Jex Thoth style psychedelic freak-outs,Alunah, have just one pagan alter, that of Mother Earth. They hail from the same hamlet as Sabbath and Iommi's riffs surge through their soul,This is female Magick, you have been warned.”


“Alunah have the potential to rise above the masses and break out for one reason that most doom bands seem to miss…they can write songs, great songs and not just a bunch of down tuned riffs.”

“Ah yes, those in need of a fix of psychedelic blues doom with seductively sleazy female vocals need look no further than this Birmingham mob.”

“If you love Acid king and worship Black sabbath you will jump up and down from joy when you hear what Alunah has to offer on this three tracker!”

"The second album by the UK band is a stunner. Not only is it first-rate English doom in the grand tradition of Cathedral"

"This album is already been acclaimed as a future classic and masterpiece. And you know what it. It fucking is. Alunah have delivered their best work to date. This should propel the guys onto the next level of Doom/Stoner Metal"

"From the very beginning, you are taken on a journey, with Soph and the boys playing tour guide into the deep, dark depths of the doomy world they call home. “White Hoarhound” seems to have a mature and sophisticated feel to it. In their first album, I sensed the vibe that Alunah was ready to take on the world. With their latest release, I sensed that Alunah had become the world"