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Alma Negra / Press

“Alma Negra is still technically a baby band, albeit one that emerged, fully formed and noisy as the dickens, from the primordial ooze of Chicago rock history. The astute will hear a lot of local heroes in this outfit, from Jesus Lizard to the aforementioned Pinebender to that Big Black/Shellac provenance. And yet there isn't a derivative bone in the hard-rocking skeleton of this group. This is rock. ....only warriors need come to this show. It's been a while since music critic types have been this gushy about a local act, but the praise is well deserved. Tempos are up, guitars and distortion are abundant, and then Erin Page starts singing … and that's that. It's sonic rapture of the most glorious kind.”

Chicago Tribune

“Reckless Records review of the split: "HELL YEAH. 2012 split LP from two of Chicago's newest, heaviest, beer-swillingest bands. ALMA NEGRA have some serious love for the MELVINS going on, but with their aloof, female vocals, they sometimes remind us of JUCIFER's non-screamy songs. Although their first two songs chug right along, the last song on their side is a slow burn (pun fully intended) which we really like. HIMALAYAN's songs are more full-steam-ahead, but still offer plenty of riffage similar to bands like HIGH ON FIRE or IRON AGE. The only drawback is that this LP doesn't come with a bag of weed & a sixer of Old Style. Otherwise, trust us on this one . . . it's RECOMMENDED! "”

Reckless Records

“All original heavy Chicago quartet for fans of metal, psych, noise, and punk. "The quartet's lineup is like the ultimate marriage of local garage and metal"”

- J.R. Nelson, Chicago Reader.