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“We enjoyed listening to your music. Best of luck with your musical endeavors! - Kooper”

Kooper - Reverbnation

“A great group of versatile, excellent musicians!”

Steve Johnson, Traffic Jam Band - Facebook

“It's the base case needs to be tweeted you sound really good got a new fan”

"Chero Kee" - Facebook

“AoK mixes soulful rock against a southern blues backdrop. This sound, carried by sweet guitar solos and lyrics sung from the soul, make AoK one of my favorite "undiscovered" bands.”

Troy Campbell - Facebook

“Seriously great playing, top notch material but most importantly,these guys have mojo in spades.”

Michael Hackney, Mcallister Kemp Band - Facebook

“The band All Of A Kind, is a powerhouse of musicians and singers...they perform with a full energy and they give 100 % to their craft. From stellar vocals and harmonies to exceptional musicianship from, guitar, the bass and the drums come a sound so raw and powerful the fans feel it in their bones. the live shows are nothing short of spectacular. the energy this band creates builds up and up and up, until the entire room is alive with music. A total treat for fans of live music anywhere. I highly recommend this band to every venue that can get them in.As a musician/singer/songwriter myself..i thoroughly enjoyed every single performance these wonderful people give out. If you haven't seen or heard this band..then by all means..go to a show next time they're in yer area. You wont regret it. Sincerely, Gary Ramsey”

Gary Ramsey - Facebook

“Have had these guys@ THE INN and have never been disappointed. Great music, great musicians and great folks. Would have then back anytime.”

Tom Millspaugh, owner of The Inn - Facebook

“All of a Kind blends mellow beats with hard-hitting guitar and distinct bass lines. The result is a bluesy and energetic set list performed by musicians who obviously enjoy what they do.”

Cory Messenger - Facebook

“When listening to All Of A Kind you cant help but get immersed within the music. There is no part of the band that doesnt touch you in some way. The members, music, the lucky people who have heard them live or via video, take something from each song that they can use in their lives to be enriched.”

Laura farago - Facebook

“I love your band you can tell just by watching you guys play and sing that you all share the joy of music. You play music that is all great and classic and I love the blues and rock twists you add to some of them.”

Amber Moss - Facebook

“I love your band your music is great but I like the fact that y'all have fun and you are nice to the people that come down to see you play I've been to many conserts over the years and most love you while they are playing but when they take a break they treat you like shit . I've seen it many times. That's wrong if people pay money to see a band then they are making money . But to be rude is wrong But I've never saw that from y'all in the long run keep it that way. As your music goes I love that y'all can play anything southern rock love blues ballads n a little country so I'd buy your music awaiting one of you're cuts now no matter how good things get remember your fans come first then the Sky's the limit good luck n ROCK ON I love u”

Sarah white - Facebook

“i love the blues and soulful sound I hear in their music. The guitarist and lead singer really stand out. Great music!!”

Nikki Wing - Facebook


Mean Lisa - Facebook

“Review: Sean Stoots and his band "All Of A Kind" are about as American as music can get. Their sound is familiar yet all their own. They artfully craft songs using influences from about every style of American music. They blend rock n roll, blues. Americana and country, and if you listen closely, even some hints of jazz. Put it all together and you have a delicious musical stew that is pleasing to the ear, it'll stick to your ribs, and make your feet move. There's a little something for everybody. At a time when so much seems to be wrong in the world of music, "All Of A Kind" is what's right. Roger Cullis Cullis Entertainment”

Roger Cullis - Cullis Entertainment

“Rock and Roll and Sanctified Blues!”

Tom Millspaugh - The Inn