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“This supremely chilled-out Australian outfit serves up a series of lulling, deliberately paced instrumental swoons on The Silent Surf, a record whose unending evocation of waves lapping languidly against a tropical shore, tender breezes ruffling palm fronds and the like might be the one thing keeping me sane while we wait and wait and wait for a real spring to arrive.”

“So. Dang. Rad”

"Since the turn of the 21st century, All India Radio has mashed the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation with the instantly recognizable guitar soundtracking of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away."

“I can safely state that A Low High (All India Radio’s 6th studio album) is the new soundtrack for your imagination, the companion for your paintings, the fuel for your creativity and the background music for the “epiphany” scene in your very own movie; it’s that epic!”

"If you were aware of the best work by The Church; this will certainly ring a bell. Kilbey’s silky evocative voice seductively narrates his suitably dreamy lyrics over Kennedy’s cooly opiated atmospheric song structures, recalling The Church at their most stately, subdued and grand"

George Parsons - Dream Magazine 10

“All India Radio has taken dream-pop to the next level with some mind-numbingly gorgeous songs This is also the band's first album with its new singer Leona Prue, whose voice pulls the listener into a trance-like state from almost the first note she utters”


“Leona Prue's vocals are a new addition to the All India Radio sound, they are far and away the most appealing aspect of Fall. Emotive without being cloying, her delivery consistently tugs at the heartstrings. It's pretty gorgeous stuff.”

“This group is a foursome who make cinematic trip hop a la old Portishead, Zero 7, and Boards of Canada. We were instantly drawn to the sounds and totally think this music feels like it's straight out of a Sofia Coppola film.”

““Morning Drops” is the track on the album that would always wish I was in bed just about ready to fall asleep. The track is so sweeping and touching that it just hits a chord with me and transforms me into this ultra relaxed state. The group has created a really delicate and gorgeous record.”

John Siwicki - Comfort Comes

“In a word - beautiful. Commercial enough to survive, but sophisticated beyond the chill out genre, this is music for grown-ups, genuine serenity in a continuous cleansing flow. You'll feel it, you'll believe it - Life really is easy. Neat-o.”


“Fall is a chilled-out, inviting, and indulgent experience...the most rewarding and standout track for the listener is The End Or Near, a truly beautiful experience with intricate beats and ambient soundscapes that transport you back to memories of lost love.”


“All India Radio have matured like a fine Margaret River merlot. The trip hoppers have hired new vocalist Leona Prue to flesh out their languid sounds on new album 'Fall'. The verdict is in: Fall is your snuggly doona soundtrack for July.”

Herald Sun Hit mag

“The set opens with the gorgeous melody of Let me Remain -- one of those tunes that sticks in your head -- and they appear again later with the very Portishead-influenced Persist. This Australian group has never sent me a release I didn't love”

DJ MadameFLY - Beatconcious.org