Alex Smith / Press

““A talented and impressive young songwriter, singer, and musician from Long Lake in the Adirondacks whose latest recording has been well-received by listeners and whose next release is eagerly awaited.””

Mike Alzo - The Folk Show, North Country Public Radio

"All of us started out playing the bars, I certainly did, and so did Alex Smith. Let's face it, bars are a tough gig, so I was pretty impressed when I sat down to dinner and saw this young guitarist command the attention of the room with his original material. It wasn't until a half hour went by that I put two and two together and figured out who he was! Since then we've been in contact, and will be playing together on a night at the Caffe Lena, America's oldest, and most prestigious coffee house. Alex Smith personifies the next generation of Adirondack singer songwriters. Welcome aboard, Alex!"

Adirondack Folk Singer - Christopher Shaw

"Alex Smith offers a rewarding musical journey whether it's up a mountain trail or down some small town alley. He sings stories of struggle and love with lumberjack gusto."

Dan Berggren - Dan Berggren