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AleXperience / Press

“I very much enjoyed this composition. It was interesting and compelling from the first notes, and I thought the beginning and end of the song were a very nice contrast to everything in between. The musicianship was excellent across the board, and the production values were very good, with proper balance and levels for everything. I also like your particular mix of musical styles. It gives you a sound of your own, a "signature sound" that a listener will be able to easily identify. You've really done a great job writing, performing and producing a song in a unique style that fans of more progressive music will be sure to appreciate. Keep up the great work!”

Leslie J. Bialik - Critique/Review from Real Rocker Girl - rock/hard rock/metal Genres Only!

“beautiful space-crafting. nice adventure. affordably priced. cheers, Colonel blumpKiN / CM's”

The C...MOnSteRs

“yeah a crazy brazilian with great crazy music.. the future man creating a new innovative musical bandstand”

joe nickerson

“Your music reminds me of early Pink Floyd Alex really enjoyed it.”


“very atmospheric and psycadelic, my fave type of genre, very interstella i may add, keep up the great work!”


"Spaceships" is super trippy groovey.

Ritual of the Boar

“good old pink floyd/rolling stones psychedelic tunes”


“Very interesting ideas and excellent performance.”

Xenophanes Productions

“interesting drum and pecussion work on" space ships" really neo sixties avantgarde..”

“Hi Alessandro, definitely a pleasant trip through your music. Wonderful Al-Experiment; it has produced some real nice and interesting music. Keep the Experiment alive!”

“Hey "Future Man"...I can hear these songs as movie soundtracks!”

“Alexperiments awesome work all around - I feel we share some aesthetix. Good to listen. -Well Trained Monkey”


“Loving your vision and sounds, my friend! Putting the psychedelic colour and form back into experimental! Best wishes and hugs from the UK - Exile”

“Love the "seventies"-feeling you send out! Psychedelic is the word that springs to mind! :) Nov 07”