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Alex Beaird Band / Press

"Beaird is very passionate about his music and the new direction the band is headed in. If you were a fan of the first album “Shine On” by the Alex Beaird Band’s then I think you will be blown away by the new album “Starlight.” Not only is the production quality better but the album as a whole is more cohesive and the songs reflect a depth that you don’t typically hear from a local band. "

“The Alex Beaird Band Shines On By James Layman Hailing from Bernie, MO, The Alex Beaird Band is an enigma of sorts. First, their debut album Shine On is as professionally produced (produced by Walker Bros. Studio - Bernie, MO) as some veteran recording artists I’ve heard. Secondly, with only three members, this power trio at times has the sonic intensity of a five piece band. And finally, since I called them a power trio, it should be said that they don’t completely fit the bill of a traditional power trio either. Beaird, formerly of the group Bull Mountain Revelry and a veteran of the Cape Girardeau music scene, has added his brother Justin Beaird (drums) and Matt Garner (bass) to form a tight knit trio. As for Beaird’s musical writing style, it seems to transcend the void between blues rock and modern alternative rock almost effortlessly...... CLICK LINK FOR WHOLE ARTICLE ”

“Alex Beaird is an accomplished songwriter, but now he has taken on a new project Alex Beaird has been playing rock in local bands for a decade (Bull Mountain Revelry most recently) and has always garnered respect from other area musicians for his songwriting abilities. But with his current project, the Alex Beaird Band, he finally gets to put his songwriting abilities front and center. The Alex Beaird Band is a self-described "blues-rock outfit from Southeast Missouri with sense of rhythm, minimalist song structure and vintage guitar tone." The band's first album, "Shine On," was released in February, and the group has steadily gained popularity since. Although the band features Beaird, live shows also have Matt Garner on bass guitar and Beaird's brother, Justin Beaird, on drums. SE Live talked with Beaird about his music and what influences him in life and on stage. For more information about the Alex Beaird Band, visit facebook.com/alexbeairdband. COMPLETE INTERVIEW BELOW”

“(On the Walker Bros) The multi talented brothers also have their own studio nestled in the quiet burg of Bernie, Missouri and I have to tell ya, these boys know their way around a mixing board. Everything I have heard thats been produced there has been sound quality top-shelf. One in particular comes by way of The Alex Beaird Band with their recently released debut entitled “Shine On”. Having already garnered a fair share of local radio play, this CD is a MUST HAVE for your tuneage! This Bernie, Missouri based trio grinds out all the ingredients a rock and roll recipe should have; hefty blues, soothing soul and jazz, some americana and a little twang…I’m talkin’ stripped down, straight ahead good time Rock-n-Roll. I’m guessin’ that if you keep comin’ back for more of my music rantings, you’re gonna hear alot more about The Alex Beaird Band. Until then… remember…it’s all about the music people…let it in.”

“This 11 trk. debut release comes from former Bull Mountain Revelry member Alex Beaird who, along with bassist Chas Watkins & drummer Justin Beaird comprise the recording trio known as the Alex Beaird Band. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Beaird has done himself justice with this effort. The recording/production, (Walker Bros. Studios/Bernie, Mo), is above average and the tunes are down right flavorful- all the things that make up rock-n-roll are in what this album is made of; jazz, blues, country, folk, americana. Its all here and each of these tracks will take you to those places. I love when you can do this kind of music and make it work- no shredding, no frills, no shrills, this is stripped down rock-n-roll meat & potatoes music bruthas & sistas!!! For me the tracks that really stand out are "Bourbon Hotel", "Born Under A Blue Sky" and "Hound Dog Moan". ~ Michael Bub”

“The Alex Beaird Band's "Shine On" smacks you in the face with it's influences on every track, toeing the line between southern rock and folk. The tracks each tell a unique story. Beaird does a great job of bringing you directly into his world ... no cookie-cutter songs about love or bar fights over here. And Beaird's vocals accentuate the stories, cutting like a knife and taking the listener's ear prisoner. Nothing overdramatic happens instrumentally, and that's a good thing. Because, in the end, this album isn't about trying to impress with shallow tricks or unnecessarily drawn out guitar solos ... it's about the reality of man and his adventures.”

James Samons