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Alexa Dexa / Press

“New York resident Alexa Dexa takes a unique approach on soulful pop and dance ditties. A childlike sensibility adds an air of playfulness to Dexa’s already playful music and spirit.”

“Examples of pure charm and whimsy came in a six-song set by Alexa Dexa, who accompanied her hearty, flexible voice with toy piano, desk bells and other gadgets.”

“What [Alexa Dexa] does is really special and adds another perspective to the toy piano.”

“[Alexa Dexa's] music is a wonderful combination of oddness and beauty, which makes for a curious listening experience.”

“With a barrage of toy instruments (bike bell, seed-pod shaker, baby rattle), a whimsical approach and powerful pipes, Dexa's electro-pop illustrates why the verb that goes with "music" is "play."”


“Playing a Schoenhut toy piano, atop which sit a set of those little colored concierge desk-style bells, has her seated humbly before you on the floor, but her powerful voice and dance-worthy beats (played through her iPhone) lift her up to meet everyone’s attention.”

“Musically Alexa's childlike air is quite deceptive because her material covers more adult territory – with its eerie, minimalist feel, she croons and coos seductively while simultaneously sounding as though she were a woman teetering on the tightrope of her own sanity.”

"Her material struck me and captured my attention – it was eerie and ethereal in a way that I hadn’t quite heard before and Alexa Dexa’s voice was amazing. It seemed to be a uniquely singular and oddly childish artistic vision."

“[Someone's Trying To Kill Me] is disorienting and at times frightening, as Alexa Dexa's elaborate sound design creates the sense that something is about to leap out of every corner.”

“They say she has a small piano, but a big heart.”

Stu Ford