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Alec Vinsant / Press

“Web: www.alecvinsant.com Genre: Alternative / Acoustic / Rock Key Tracks: Sunday Afternoon The great thing about the internet is you get the chance to listen to and discover new music and artists that you would not have otherwise been exposed to. In addition, artists like Alec Vinsant are given the opportunity to connect with us and share what they have to offer. On his latest release, REALITY, Vinsant takes us on a trip through the mind of a crafty and experienced musician whose heart's desire is to share real life in audio form. While there are a lot of cool songs on Alec's album, my favorite song is "Sunday Afternoon", an instrumental track where the artist showcases his amazing acoustic guitar playing ability. The track is very bright and vibrant, bringing to mind something that Eric Clapton would do. This is a great representation of what the Blue Grass state has to offer in the acoustic rock genre and everyone should go check it out and buy the album. ”

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“Vinsant supplies yet another motivational song in “To The End,” where he sings about struggling through hard times. He says that there will be problems until the end, but only when you have made it to the end are you able to say that you have done absolutely everything that you could have done. The violin in “To The End” adds even more emotion and feeling to the song. Alec Vinsant is a unique and talented musician. Though Reality is not a religious album, Vinsant’s airy voice sometimes makes it sound like one, and the overall message on the album is an inspirational one. Being that subjects such as the ones he writes about are not necessarily tapped into by most artists on a regular basis, the encouraging lyrics are refreshing. His most outstanding quality, however, has got to be his guitar playing. His talent with his guitar is brilliant; it puts him in a league above the rest. Review by Alec Cunningham Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) ”

Alec Cunningham - Review You

“Vinsant will always keep you guessing, and his peppy melodies will keep you in an upbeat, spirited mood. There are three different versions of the title track “Reality” on the album. The first is the original version, while the second is an acoustic version and the third is a remix of the original. The song has an incredibly uplifting and powerful message behind it that makes you want to rethink any gloomy funk that you may be in. The original version includes piano, drums, violin, and guitar, and the acoustic version takes out the drums. The remix comes as a bit of a surprise compared to the rest of the music on the album. Vinsant replaces those instruments with electronic beats, and the outcome is definitely a positive one. ”

Alec Cunningham - Review You

“Vinsant is a genius with his acoustic guitar. You give him any difficult song to play and the man could surely easily play it. In that respect, his music can easily be paralleled with that of instrumentalist Andy McKee. He especially lets his talent be known in “Midnight Jam,” an instrumental song. Just when you think the song tempo has peaked, he takes it a step further and picks up the pace. “Walking In Rhythm” was the first instrumental Vinsant ever wrote. The first thing you notice when it begins playing is the intensity of its rhythm. You become sucked into the beat and begin to picture yourself walking down the street in rhythm to the song, smiling at every single person you pass. “Summer Rain,” “Sunday Afternoon,” and “Watercolors” make up the rest of the instrumentals on the album. Although there are quite a few instrumental songs within Reality, they do anything but bore and disappoint.”

Alec Cunningham - Review You

“If you are a fan of intricate, elaborate guitar melodies and upbeat, motivational songs, Alec Vinsant’s new album Reality is certainly worth looking into. Though he does not sound especially old, his lyrics show that the man has a bit of advice for listeners and a good deal of wisdom behind that advice. Both Vinsant’s vocals and his guitar playing have a Latin undertone to them in specific songs. And at times, Vinsant seems to have a light, airy voice, while at other points his voice is slightly rougher and raspier. Whatever the sound is he is creating, it seems to be working for him. Though Vinsant primarily uses an acoustic guitar within the album, he branches out on “Truth Or Lies.” Instead of Vinsant’s single trusty guitar, the song contains piano, violin, and drums, much like the album’s self-titled song which comes at the end of the album. ”

Alec Cunningham - Review You

“Alec Vinsant, a WKU student singer-songwriter appeared with his band today at Java City to a large appreciative group. The casual rocking sound featured Vinsant’s originals to old favorites like “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish.”

“Music from the Hill: Alec Vinsant, the man and his music”