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Alchesound / Press

“The well crafted electronic soundscapes of Alchesound provides positive sonic energy. SJ masters the spectrum from cosmic atmospheres down to engaging bass lines, all sewn together with trick time beats and complex breaks that inspire the listener.”

“Subtle, virtuosic, complex and beautifully crafted pieces.”

“I'm hooked on your music...it takes me on journeys in my mind that are awesome.”

Joseph Yonelunas - FB Fan

“Nice ethereal synths in your song Grey sky making me feel like I am floating through a melancholy world of souls ...”

jolietjeff - RN Fan

“Absolutely love the 'feel' of your music, a very distinctive style and such that I listened through complete songs rather than 'fast-forwarding' through sections”

qollop - RN fan

“Loving your music really great vibe and feel. Great mixing - you really balance your tracks really well.”

Mark Ceeny - PM

“Pure meditative atmosphere! Soothing and incredible as is to be expected by Alchesound! Pure quality!!”

“Real great and amazing work! U R dreamy n we adore your style vibe n sound!”

Sarah 'n Tormy - RN fan

“your music has a peacefulness to it..”

Deus Diablo (MMI-VA), Underboss - RN Fan

“I'm addicted to your musik ever since I heard it for the first time. Anyway, I think the force is with you and your talent is amazing!”

“just waking up with your beautiful tunes - its like a hug for the soul”

“You relax me... Love your music!!!”

Funkle Ace - Facebook

“GREY SKY is a needle-sharp arrow of sweet truth, powerfully poignant, razor-honed with a driving cool that insists with understatement, sinking its hooks deep into my heart, impossible to ignore.”

“beautiful stuff here - really sensitive to our need for softness and detail, gentle motion and lush soundscapes combine to give a cozy feeling of exploration that is always engaging and professionally produced! keep on!”

Cellartapes - RN Label

“I could write an essay about your music but I will simply say: "SUPERB!" and repeat it a thousand times!”

“it is an excellent album, and the engineering is superb, so perfect in all the little details, all the effects are perfectly timed, everything is beat accurate, i love it!”

Steven Ellen Starar - Facebook - 32 miles album comment

“I can't say enough about how this music makes me feel !!! Puts me in space, and in tune with myself to reflect on life. Good job...mission accomplished”

“..you know where I stand when it comes to your tunes...but just in case someone should decide to read this post.here`s my recipe: Take a full Glass of Cafe Del Mar, pour into a bowl along with some Vangelis, add a splash of William Orbit, Aphex twin, finish with a generous sprinkle of Saint Etienne mix and bake for 15mins while still warm, cut yourself a slice of Alchesound ..”

Eoin Ohaodha - Facebook

“We can listen to you forever!”

Mandee and the ABC Girls - RN fan

“32 Miles, is a laid-back ambient trip through the consciousness of Alchesound, mystical and magical at times, filled with smooth futuristic lounge-like intermissions, dream sequences and adventure game-like sub quests..This is a fantastic debut release ..”

“Lovely, well-crafted electronic soundscapes. Alchesound should be on every hip new movie soundtrack.”

Emily Pakes - RN fan

“Great ideas combined with excellent production! As good as it gets!! Love it!”

Paul Kriege - RN fan

“.. I seem to run out of Adjectives for Alchesound.. such is the beauty in her work..”

Eoin Ohaodha - Facebook Fan

“Alchesound`s ethereal music is a solid proof that there are also good and positive elements to find in ( South) Africa, despite what the media / news reporters and histories are showing us ...A reason to stay positive and focused on the beautiful things in life and humanity...in sound and art, and as an artist I can only say.. wow i am blown away .. ”

Philo Menovsky - Fandalism Props

“A top 10 on smooth charts!!”

PHIGROA - Fandalism Fan

“Great music, great arrangements, superb producer”

dR1 - RN Fan

“a true sound magician ...”

Die zärtlichsten Diebe - RN Fan

“when your up there with the like's off Cafe Del Mar you've got listening ears”

Eoin Ohaodha - Facebook Fan

“Superb....sprinkles of the "Ear Candy"....! Attention to detail....Fabulous choices of instrumentation...”

Larry E. Talbot - Facebook Fan