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Agents of Karma / Press

“Agents of Karma is a three piece band from New York City. An intelligent trio, they have mastered a very unique sound which is reminiscent of Rush or Pink Floyd yet much more up to date.”

“I really enjoyed the playful nature in the song, "Fascism for the Home." The whole album satisfies all the missing need for interesting and progressive songs that I have been without for some time.”

“I particularly found “Dog Tag” incredibly put together and mastered with the utmost care. All tracks including the edits have a very clear and crisp sound.”

“It has a progressive yet grass roots sound with beautiful melodic guitar. The vocals remind me a bit of early Genesis.”

"There are many that will find SHOCKRA to be just what they were looking for. Like a prism, the writing and arrangements offer intriguing facets to draw you in even as you mull over their meanings."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music writer

"First up is ALL THIS AND A KISS. Sparnroft's glasslike guitar tone starts the ball rolling as the harmonized commercial "ooo" of Jay's first utterance transports us into a sensual world of possibilities."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“Very smooth album. I purchased it to put on my iphone so I could start to listen to it the next day. Just for kicks I clicked on the first song and now through the whole album I could not stop listening.”

“With a rare level of musicianship Agents of Karma's sound is Intelligent, interesting and thought provoking, what a relief!”

"On the Song Dog Tag - AOK deftly go for the protest sound of Steppenwolf/MC-5 feel for this one, which makes perfect sense considering the subject matter.

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“Vamp Barbie commenting on Agents of Karma's Youtube video of "10 seconds to midnight": Bitchn video !!! You hell piece of Toxic Venom!! ;-).. ^V^”

"On the song MIRROR, the group conjures an aural reflection of the title during the intro to this thoughtful groove. The lyrics begin as searching and internal, exhibiting a vulnerability that seems to strip the subject to his core before unfolding into a lusty carnality."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“Mix equal parts Peter Murphy and Public Image Limited, a heaping helping of The Clash and a pinch of Franz Ferdinand and youve got the recipe for Agents of Karma.”

“Agents of Karma have done their homework to smash together an amalgam of every rock sub-genre known to man. The concept is terrific: Resurrect everything that has ever been right about rock music, and weave it into a new sound. Sweet!”

Ben Salvo - Knocks from the Underground

“Once described to me as "Cream meets the Police", this only goes part way towards describing their unique sound.”

"The Crimsonesque bass solo beautifully adds to the intended dreamscape here. Sparnroft's solo reminds one of a snake charmer's musical coax."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“Jay Cavanaugh's charismatic vocals are sometimes playful, sometimes histrionic, with witty and insightful lyrics that range from the intimately personal to the in-your-face political. ”

Marcus Birkey - FringeHop

"The tastefully placed, progressive time signatures are draped by some of Jay's most soaring vocals, depicting a life tethered by obligation and of dreams of freedom from the drudgery placed on one within this reality."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“The band flirts with an eclectic array of of styles, from Reggae to '80s Pop to Prog fusion, while staying true to their core sound, a bluesy and artistic hard rock reminiscent of Zeppelin and Cream.”

Marcus Birkey - FringeHOP

“No Egos...No tantrums, just beautiful focus on the music and Emotion!”

“One might consider those Agents of Karma to be like society’s anti-digestif, one which smolders in the belly of the beast, a volatile cocktail of sweat, swagger and subversion, the elementals of great rock n roll.”

"Jay reminds me here of Peter Murphy after Bauhaus, punctuated with bits of Iggy-like tones. There is a Roxy Music-like heart to this one but U2 can also be heard, especially in the solo."

Robert Hoole - Freelance Music Writer

“In these days when so many bands influences seem all too obvious, Agents of Karma seem to defy pigeon-holing! ”

"There’s something to be said for a band with the ability to recall five or six decades of music within every one of their songs.

Ben Salvo - Knocks for the underground