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“Pawtucket, RI. The town is known for it's great minor league team (pawsox), tasty food & now a really cool metal band. Adrenochrome's latest is all sorts of straight up viciousness. Give it a shot...you know you're interested.”

"If you like heavy, violent in your face metal, then you need to give Adrenochrome a listen."

"Adrenochrome is still very musical in their abundant tempo shifts. It kind of reminds me of old school Candiria meets Morbid Angel mixed with Slayer. Somehow they pull it off in a good blend of new meets old.Guitarists Tayte and Evan oozed pure anger in their riffs while Rob laid down weirdly monstrous beats. Josh’s guttural vocals spit lyrical bile upon the Simon’s crowd like lava. And then it ends, like the abrupt jerking motion of a car crash. The onlookers explode in appreciation, guitars thunder with feedback and the drummer violently throws his sticks down and turns his back like a fighter after a flash knockout. Adrenochrome left the stage. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll, my friends!"

"Awash with favourable impact and unquestionable potency Adrenochrome sure do live up to their name, no heated debate about this. They are intent on destruction and it's a sure fire tirade of brutality.Be warned, it is mighty explosive and no doubt the aftermath once played will have far reaching consequences that will be felt worldwide."

"There are metal drummers and then there are drummers who just happen to play metal. Providence, RI native Rob Cinami falls into the latter category. At 16, he learned to play along to groove guys like Bonham but also pioneering blasters such as Dave Lombardo and Pete Sandoval. Cinami pushed deeper until he found what he was looking for in the prog-death style of which Sean Reinert is the premium exemplar Influences as fusion-y as Dave Weckl or as wacky as Tim Alexander also figure into his playing. Reliably br00tal but it’s also funked up, syncopated, and totally musical. The dynamic vamp is as smooth as his blastbeats. But Cinami’s hardened heart lies in the primal pleasures of pure metal, This style thug is crushing heads all right."

““A toxic brawl of venom, demanding attention from the moment it starts its vicious onslaught. The vocals are particularly engaging as they are brutal.rhythmic punching and hearty ravenous drumming. It more than grazes the aural, more like batters it into submission.Awash with favourable impact and unquestionable potency.Adrenochrome sure do live up to their name, no heated debate about this. They are intent on destruction and it's a sure fire tirade of brutality!””

"ADRENOCHROME brings a fierce torrent of blast beats, with grinding, face melting riffs, solid rock hard bottom and paralyzing vocals.Drummer Rob Cinami shows off his magnificence as he moves the tempo and speed, and drives the heavy groove and grinding rhythms throughout. Tayte Leighs’ and Evan Barones’ heart racing rhythm’s and face melting rips pleasure the pounding eardrum. Vocalist, Josh Watkins growls,groans,grunts and bellows out the high energy message with power and meaning.The quartet sounds tight and well rehearsed and compliment each others styles.Their musical background variations make the combination very intriguing and likable."