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Acoustic Kitchen / Press

“Milo Deering is a musician from the Top Shelf! His talent is the kind that make other players strive to be better, work harder or sometimes just quit! A gentle soul and a monster talent!”

Jack Ingram

“The Dallas-based multi-instrumentalist plays everything on his holiday CD, from acoustic guitars to dobro, mandolin to jaw harp. Pretty amazing, but Mr. Deering also manages to strum and pick with grace and style. The songs even have character: ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’ bounces and swings like a honky-tonk St. Nick while the ‘Nutcracker Suite Medley’ gently gallops like a stealthy reindeer. Finally, Mr. Do-It-All-Himself sings on ‘O Holy Night’, transforming the classic tune into an up-tempo, bluegrass-tinged number.”

Mario Tarradelle - The Dallas Morning News

“Well if you ask me, Milo Deering "ain't from around here!" I think he's a spaceman put here on earth for us all to enjoy all of his instrumental expertise. He's an amazing musician and an amazing person!”

Tommy Alverson

“Milo Deering—with his refined arranging skills, Zen-like vibrato, and highly lyrical approach to Dobro, fiddle, mandolin, jaw harp, and nylon- and steel-string guitars... is a stellar session musician (he co-wrote and played guitar and fiddle on the catchy theme to Motel 6’s “We’ll leave the light on for you” series of radio spots) and it shows. Simultaneously a lethal slide player and a burning flatpicker, the multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, is also a master of restraint. Whether he’s tackling something as folksy as “What Child is This” or as orchestral and grand-scale as Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, he never loses his composure or his relaxed pocket. And when Deering’s two young daughters’ angelic voices enter the mix on “Silent Night” in glistening harmonized thirds, the genuine Christmas spirit that pours forth is warm enough to melt even the most frozen of December hearts.”

“The ever present good moods that surround this season are met and matched nicely on ‘Milo Deering’s all acoustic Christmas Jam 3, featuring the Deering Family. Yep, it is family, it is music, a drink that gets you heady, never drunk, except, of course, for Uncle Tomas, but everybody thinks he adds a little from his flask. Milo, Rachel, Scarlett and Savannah Deering show up and light up like Christmas lights. The album relies primarily on Dad for getting the background of guitars, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, and pedal steel in place with Scarlett adding some violin solos. The family travels together in harmonies. Makes you think that the road trip to visit relatives is the most fun of the holidays with all the singing along the miles. ”

“That's just good family singin right there!”

“Needs more cowbell! Seriously though bud, that was an absolute joy to the senses.”

“Milo! Your music makes me smile, tap my feet, and know that all is well with the world. Bless you and your music.”

“OK, Milo, just 'fes up and tell us which galaxy you're from! No humanoid can play that many instruments that well!”

"One haircut later:? I can't tell which one was cut.... but a fine steel player"